Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 More Movie Reviews

Today was my day off from work (well, the FT job anyway) and I was able to watch 2 new movies.  One was Hansel & Gretel that is just now in theaters and the other was Happy Together that was actually released in 1997. 

Hansel & Gretel

An action movie no doubt.  It stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arteton as a supped up, ass-kicking, witch hunting duo.  The make-up is awesome in this movie.  I was impressed at first because it looked like it may stay somewhat true to Grimm's original fairy-tale.... then it strays after the first 5 minutes in the movie.  A good movie for guys night out.... not a good date movie.  Don't take little kids to watch it, lots of blood and guts.  Good twist at the end!  ***/5

Happy Together

I am trying to make myself watch more "Indie" movies as a way to add more culture and points of views to my own personal development.  I recently added the "Snag Films" to my xBox 360 app lists and this is one of the featured Indie movies... So I watched it.
2 Gay lovers from Hong Kong buy a lamp with a waterfall on it, they decide to look up where the waterfall is and find it.  This leads them across the globe to Argentina.  They have a fight and break up.  They part ways and one works at a night club while one turns to prostitution.  The Prostitute gets beat up and finds himself on the doorstep of his ex-lover.... The ex-lover believes it is his duty to nurse his former boyfriend back to health.  The prostitute that originally broke things off between the two decides he wants to "Start Over" with his new/old roommate.  The ex-lover does not want this.  The ex-lover quits his job at the bar, starts working at restaurant where he meets a new acquaintance.  You can tell that they want to start something together but they never do.... a missed opportunity you might say.  The ex-lover and prostitute have a fight again and they move away from each other... the new acquaintance finally saves up enough money to get back to Taiwan and leaves.  The ex-lover finally saves up enough money to find the waterfall then travels to Taiwan to find the acquaintance, but finds his family instead....missed again.  The prostitute goes back to being a prostitute. 
This movie is very voyeuristic in that there is not much dialogue, but a lock if just watching.  You can get the emotions from how they look at each other and their mannerisms.  Some parts of the movie are in Black in White which really helps you focus on the emotion be expressed at that moment.  Good Movie....   Not in English, you have to read subtitles  ****/5

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I recently wrote how I am a major fan of the book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower",  now I am writing to let you know that I am now a Major fan of the movie!

My all-time movie crush (Emma Watson) plays Sam to a "T" and she is beautiful to boot!  The ENTIRE cast was very impressive with Logan Lerman, Dylan McDermott, Kate Walsh, Johnny Simmons, Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd, and the talented Joan Cusack.  I started to tear up during this movie (I mean something got in my eye).  It made me remember my High school days, but I went to a small high school and for the most part we all got along (CRAP, my 10 yr reunion in is a few months!). 
You travel through the life of a freshman in high school that has some deep issues that he needs to deal with, his parents think that the issues stem from his favorite aunt dying, but it goes much further.  His best friend commits suicide the year before and Charlie now has no friends, Patrick and Sam (Ezra & Emma) meet Charlie at a football game, learn of his lack of friends and "adopt" him to show him that life really does get better.  Follow along with Charlie how he joins this misfit of friends and how they show him that he CAN participate in life, that he doesn't have to just be a wallflower.
You have to buy this movie... you WILL like it!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Favorite Interview of 2012

Who was your favorite Interview of 2012?  Do you like the twitter interviews (TwitterView), the classic typed interview, or the video interview?  This blog is for YOU so I want to make sure that you are enjoying it. 

Please go to now to vote on your favorite interview of 2012.  If you need a refresher of who was interviewed last year, please follow the links below!

Brent Allen

Jesse & Noah Bellamy

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James Mapes

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Lars Christensen

I am seriously thinking about turning these interviews into one big book, what do you think?  Anyway, go vote at and also in the comments section below, let me know who you want to see interviewed! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 More Movie Reviews

I watched a lot of movies this last week (I'm not watching any this weekend... I'm going out of town, so if you are in Shreveport, LA  hit me up!)

#1 Looper (starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
WOW!  I really loved this movie, there was an actual story line, Bruce Willis is an antagonist.  The make-up job done on JGL was fantastic.  I really loved the movie.  The only thing is that the child actor in this movie was really freaky! ****

#2 Premium Rush
This is a movie that I am going to have to buy.  I could watch this one over and over.  It has JGL in it again, but this is completely different than Looper, no wonder he is in such high demand for movies in Hollywood right now.  Not your typical action movie, but still lots of action!  Girls, Gambling, Races, Dirty Cops.... What's not to like?  Kind of an expose of the New York Bike Messenger. ****

#3 Judge Dredd
Save your money, if you want to watch this one, wait for it to come out on basic cable.  No story line, lots of action though.  I bet over 10,000 rounds are let off in this movie.  The original is better, but not by much!  The main actor is one of my favorites, be he let me down in this one, with his frown that never leaves the face of Judge Dredd. *

#4 The Campaign (starring Will Ferrell, Zack Galifianakis)
Very Funny.  I think that this movie needs to be watched every 4 years right before an election to help ease the shock of election commercials.  A breath of fresh air.  I could see some of the off the wall antics actually happening in real life!  It is a movie to buy for sure, just make sure that there are no little ones in the room when you are watching it! Great Chemistry between Zack and Will, hopefully they will work together again! **

#5 Quarantine II
Before you watch this make sure that you have a can of Lysol at home so that when the movie is over you can spray down everything.  It is a good little fright movie, with zombies, contagious disease, blood, etc....  But like I said, when the movie is over, you will suddenly be in the mood to disinfect everything!  Oh yeah, if you plan on taking a trip by plane anytime soon, make sure you watch this AFTER the trip! No "A" List actors but at the end, they do set it up for a sequel in Las Vegas... I think this would be neat to happen in a casino! **


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Movie Reviews AND a NEW Section!

Over the Christmas Holidays and New Year, I had the chance to consume a lot of movies, new and old!  Let's start with the new:

Rise of the Guardians:
I met my little brothers at the movies on Christmas Eve to watch this movie while my parents met "Santa" an the house to get ready for them.  They both loved this video and so did I.  The mythical creatures, The Sandman, Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and New comber Jack Frost unite to protect the children of Earth from the Boogey Man.  It has some touching moments, so bring a tissue.  All Star Cast to boot! Animated.

Wind Chill:
This horror/suspense starts Emily Blunt has a college student that snags a ride from a classmate on her way home from Christmas break.  Things start to go wrong when they are stuck in the snow on a haunted highway.  Actually an alright movie... Emily Blunt's acting skills save this movie from purgatory.  Definitely something you stay home to the dark...

Whatever It Takes:
OMG. not another highschool movie where the Jock & Nerd switch places to get the girls.  Oh wait.... it is!  Skip this one... not worth the time unless you just want to see James Franco tied to a bed wearing a thong.

Finally!  My New Section.... Coworkers and friends think that me... Mr. Entertainment.... Mr. TeeJay Today need to watch more classic movies and talk about them so that they aren't forgotten.  They seem it is my "Duty" to share these gems with the public.  Well, maybe they are right, maybe I need a little more culture.  First movie up for talks is:

Breakfast at Tiffany's
This is the classic of all classics.  This one was recommended to me by multiple persons.  I can honestly say that I knew nothing of this movie and had no expectations.  I could not get into this movie.  To me, the characters did not talk loud enough (I had my volume up and I dont need a hearing aide).  Also, the story line was not my favorite; two prostitutes ending up falling in love.  Audrey Hepburn's character is into her profession just for the money, even though she leads you to beieve it is for her brother. And dont get me started on the cat.  Do I think that you need to see this movie? Yes, Do I think you will enjoy it? No.  Its too boring.  I kept finding myself looking around the room for something to do.