Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jimmy Elliott TV and Holding of Wrist interview

So first things first.... Give us a brief bio of yourself:

Yeah, totally. My name is Jimmy Elliott. I'm 19 years old and
currently live in Richmond, Virginia. I want to mention that I have
zero fans in this world, everyone is a friend, just like my friend Mod
Sun. When you use the word "fans" that puts me on a pedestal; But,
we're all equals here, I am and will always be just a normal person.

Tell me about the very first YouTube video you posted?

Haha my very first video. Wow, that was in 2008 and it was probably
the most awkward thing that I've done in my life. It was two minutes
straight of me sitting there quiet while making terrible terrible jokes.

What drew you to YouTube?

I'm not exactly sure to be honest. I saw a couple people making
vlogs, and I figured, well why can't I do that? So I grabbed my crappy
webcam and started making videos, it evolved from there.

What do you contribute to the success of your channel?

I think dedication and consistency has huge parts to play
in everyone's Youtube channels. If you're not dedicated or making
videos you love, you will fail. You need to stay true to yourself and
make things you love. I always tell people that after you edit it, and
YOU don't laugh or love it, don't upload it. Consistency has a huge
party also, upload at least once a week.

What are your favorite channels/genres to watch on YouTube?

Damon ("Deefizzy") is my all-time favorite Youtuber because of his
positive vibes. My other favorites are: All of Shay Carl's channels,
Meghan Camarena ("Strawburry17") and Joey Graceffa ("JoeyGraceffa").

What has been your most favorite video to post? Why?

That's difficult because I have so many favorites! Well my favorite
right now is "Color Beach". I filmed it when I drove down to the bay
for the day. Here's a secret, the audio in it isn't the actual audio. I
found the clip online and it fit perfectly into the video.

What video that you have posted has meant the most to you?

Probably "Simplicity" which went up a little after my 19th birthday.
It means a lot to me because my girlfriend and family is in it and it,
just, holds a lot of memories :)

What video has garnered the most feedback and why?

I believe my most viewed video is "Picture The Sunrise" which is a
music video I made to a song by my friend, Mod Sun. I'm honestly not
sure why it has the most views or interaction, because
I initially didn't intend to film that.

What career are wanting to go into?

I plan on being a psychologist in the future. It's been my plan
since I went into high school several years ago.

How has having a popular YouTube channel prepare you for psychology?

I feel like Youtube has prepared me for a lot more than just my
future career. Having thousands of people watching you, yet you don't
know them, is a really strange feeling- but it's cool. I get to
communicate with a lot of people, and I think communication helps
everyone with everything in the future.

RAPID FIRE! Favorite:
celebrity : Ghandi
candy : Pixy Stix
sports team : UVA
sport : Football
food : mozzarella sticks & French fries
color : Light Blue
number : 6
movie : To Save a Life
actor : Robin Williams
song : Some Nights by FUN
singer : Too Hard a Question HaHa
animal : moose
interviewer : you of course
month : September
tv show : Flash Point
school subject : Psycology
type of car : Any Type of Pick-up

For the ladies..... Boxers or briefs?

Boxers of course!

Describe a perfect date:

The perfect date would be me picking up the girl at her
house, getting her flowers, then us driving down to the beach for the
day and having dinner with the sunset.

Tell us something about yourself that even your biggest fans (friends) don't know yet?

Hmmm something my FRIENDS
don't know, that's a difficult one. I think probably that I'm more
normal than you would think. Though I am a very positive person, I
also, like you, have my bad days.

Lets switch tracks a little.... Tell me about Holding of Wrist.

Yes! Holding of Wrist was a
group I started in 2008 after I went through a lot of my personal
issues. The focus is towards those dealing with self-harm, depression,
and suicidal thoughts. HOW has over 100,000 supporters worldwide, and
has replied to 75,000 e-mails/myspace messages.

Do you have some stories to share that has been a result of HoW?

I have a ton of
stories that have resulted from Holding of Wrist, but something that
really sticks out to me is the people I've met. I've gotten the chance
to meet the most amazing people in the world. I love hearing several
months later from people who say things like they got help, they
stopped cutting, or even that Holding of Wrist saved their life. THAT
is truly an amazing thing to hear, because it reminds you why you do
what you do and brings you back home, ya know? It keeps you grounded.

What are you plans for HoW 5 yrs from now? 20 years out?

Some exciting things are happening with Holding of Wrist, mostly
behind the scenes. Holding of Wrist can only survive with the support
of all HOW staff, it's not only me anymore. In the next year, we teamed
up with Ark of Hope for Children and several other organizations to do
an east coast tour! In the next 20 years, we hope to change the world.
It's all about positive thinking and taking it one step at a time. In
the meantime, I'm excited about this tour so I can personally meet a
lot of new people.

I was watching the info video you made for HoW with the statistics, and they
really are compelling and thought provoking.... How can we help?

Yes, they are! I was doing the math using our
records from 2008 and when it came to those numbers I nearly passed
out! The thought of that much happening in just four years is so
amazing! I would say that if you want to support Holding of Wrist,
support your friends, the person alone at lunch, and the world. People
need to love other people more often, it's the only way the world is
going to survive. Along those lines, please visit our Twitter &
Facebook and share them with your friends

Anything you would like to add?

I just want to say thank
you to for this opportunity, thank you to everyone who
supports me and Holding of Wrist, it really means a lot. I also want to
add that no matter where life may take me, I will always remain humble
and true to myself and I want people to know that. I will always
support YOU; I am here for YOU, not me. I love you, and you're an
amazing and beautiful person, always remember that. Thanks so much TJ!
If you have any other questions you know where to find me. ---
Jimmy Elliott
Founder, Holding of Wrist

Thank You for taking the time out of you busy schedule to answer these questions
so that our Friends can get to know you even better!

-TeeJay Today

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Movie Reviews

So..... Halloween is coming and I decided I needed to write about a couple horror movies. New ones, not ones everyone has been watching for years. (And one that is not scary)

Paranormal Activity 4
In this installment they upped the shock factor a bit. The demon is more active, a creepy little kid, a cult..... Fun for everyone! I really love that the Microsoft Kinect gets a lot of screen time in this one.... Plus I really need to try what they do with it in this sequel. I also like that they brought the franchise up to date with laptops and iPhones. Get a group of friends and go see it Halloween night!

Chernobyl Diaries
New out on video.... I was looking for something to watch on Halloween if you planned on staying home. The plot is a group of 20 something's go on an extreme tour of Chernobyl.... I was drawn to this because I would personally do this. The movie was horrible.... The acting is okay, it's the storyline.... I was expecting ghosts or radio active deformed creatures... Nope. Just mental patients exposed to radiation that eat people, but doctors can catch them. Pass on this one folks!

Magic Mike
Every women I know has seen this, so when in the video store I picked up a copy. Not my favorite movie, but.... It has an actual story line. I understand why the women like it.... All the six packs and I don't mean soft drinks.... Alert.... There is a shot of an actual part of the male anatomy... Don't let your kids watch this.... Modeled after the true story of Channing Tatum, a sequel is in the works.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Reviews

I watched a bunch of movies over the last few days;

Resident Evil:
The newest resident evil, ehhh, it was okay, if I was you I would wait for it to come out on DVD... I did see it in 3D which is always pretty neat, but the story line of this installment is the worst by far, the ending is the saving grace, it sets it up for another installment that I actually may want to see!

Expendables 2:
Old guys can still kick ass! Even more of our favorite action heroes from days past are in this sequel! This is a total guys movie, so don't look for a story line, instead look for lots of action, explosions, and fight scenes! My favorite thing about the whole movies was where the actors would steal each others lines from past movies!

Woman in Black:
Daniel is trying to shed some of his child acting persona with this grown up thriller... I think too much of the movie was left on the cutting room floor that actually tells the whole story... Skip for now!

Cabin in the Woods:
Lots of friends had seen this one but no one told me the plot... And for good reason! It is a little hard to follow until Sigourney Weaver appears at the end to explain it to you! Worth seeing because it is totally different from past horror movies, plus Sigourney is in it!

The Lucky One:
From the same people that brought you The Notebook, and you can tell. If you love these type of movies or Zachary Efron, then you've probably already seen this movie, if you haven't you aren't missing much... A good date movie though to show your sensitive side!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interview with Michael Epic!

Hi Mr. Epic.... Thank you for doing this interview with me.

- Its my pleasure, TeeJay. Thanks for having me.

#1. First off, tell us what style of music you create? Who/what are your inspirations?

#1 - I create commercial dance-pop! Rowdy, rump shaking dance pop! (laughs) my inspirations are LMFAO, Britney Spears, Sam Sparro, David Guetta and Glitch Mob. Those are all acts that bring something unique to the table of dance-pop and just pop in general that really resonates with me. They have a lot of impact on me as an artist.

#2. Are you touring or DJ'ing anywhere?

#2 - Not far we've only gotten down the first single "Way She (Wobble)" and Tipsy Girls coming up very soon, within perhaps the next week? So not touring or DJ'ing anywhere, yet.

#3. What made you want to get into music?

#3 - I've always loved music. My mother said when I was a young boy and music came on, everything else stopped. I can remember growing up and listening to everything from White Zombie to Quincy Jones, Alice Cooper, Nirvana, Tupac Shakur and even Insane Clown Posse. I listened to it all. EVEN TIFFANY if anyone remembers her (laughs)

#4. So where did the 'Wobble" song come from?

#4 - Well, this past year at February Album Writing Month (FAWM.ORG) I met up with Eric August who's FAWM screen name is @lazyafro and we started talking about music and possibly doing a collaboration and he made the beat, I wrote the song and I just thought "Way She Wobble" would be something fun to write about. I'm hoping to get that into the contemporary lexicon lol have people saying "way she wobbles" because of me (laughs)

#5. Most famous person(s) you have met?

#5 - I met Bruce Willis and Jaime Kennedy once, Kid Rock and Hank Williams JR. I met Pro MMA Fighter Ricco Ralston yesterday and he was pretty cool and one of my best buddies is up and coming MMA fighter Drew Gibson. I'm hoping he'll be famous soon!

#6. So give me the scoop on Scooter Braun.

#6 - Well, Scooter Braun is Justin Bieber's manager and has also recently signed Korean rapper PSY due to his amazing breakout hit "Gangnam Style" in which I listen to 10 times a day at least and rock that horsey dance (laughs) GANGNAM STYLE!

But Scooter Braun is a visionary in this current generation of pop stars...I mean look at Justin Bieber and his dedicated following. I really feel like Scooter would benefit from having me on his label and I would benefit from being on his label. In the future with some of the catchy songs I've got on the album, I'm hoping it'll become clear to see why.

#7. Do you think he will sign you? Has he reached out to you yet?

#7 - Do I think he will sign me? I think he would want to sign me down the road if I blew up a viral video like PSY did. He has not reached out to me yet...regardless of my many attempts to contact him. I know that record executives aren't really big on taking chances...but lets leave it all on the table right here in black and white with TeeJay of TeeJayToday! Scooter Braun, you should be taking a chance with me because I would be an investment that would pay off ten fold.

Who thinks that Scooter Braun needs to be more like TeeJay? I do. TeeJay showing Michael Epic love where Scooter Braun does not (laughs)

#8. What is your next big publicity stunt?

#8 - I can't tell you that (laughs) because then someone will try to beat me too it. Its top secret! Its that good! I'll tell you what I will do though...after it all goes down and the fire is lit and people are banging on my door for an interview...the very first one will go to you, TeeJay!

#9. So tell us about your next album/single.

#9 - The debut album "So What's Epic?" will be out in October or earlier next year. We may make it earlier if we finish earlier. The next single is called "Tipsy Girls" and was written by me and the beat created by Eric August. I'm trying to lure Pro MMA fighter Ricco Ralston to come lay down a rapping verse on it for me...he seems interested, so we'll see!

#10. Where can we purchase it?

#10 - ITunes and Amazon are good. I've got them distributed many places, but those are obviously the most convenient places to find my music.

#11. Tell us one thing about yourself that your current fans don't even know yet.

#11 - I was big in Bowling Green, KY between 2005 - 2008 with my music project "My Perfect Apathy" which was a small town success story! I've also got two singles released and on ITunes under a different alias named "Janus Mask" and that project isn't dead...just undergoing serious remodeling and hanging out on the backburner for now while I focus on the Michael Epic music project.

Rapid fire!
Number: 1
Animal: Cat
Sports Team: Utah Jazz
Hobby: Xbox 360
Song: LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking
Book: Where have all the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca
and interviewer?! Easy, TeeJay at TeeJayToday!

Thanks Mr. Epic for the interview, hopefully some of my readers will fall in love with your style!

- I hope so too! Thanks for having me! See you in the future!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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