Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Blockbusters and TV series

Over the last couple of weeks I watched 2 movies.... One great, and one not-so great.... And a killer TV series.

The Expendables 3
All your aging ass kickers are back for this third installment plus a few younger ones.  My favorite was Harrison Ford, Kelsey (sp?) Grammer and Arnold!  The entire movie is predictable though, I liked the guys on their press tour more, they had exciting stories and charisma, which this movie does not.... Sorry.  If you want to see explosions, gun fights, and wrestling, then this is for you, if you want a storyline, look somewhere else.

The Maze Runner
Yes Yes Yes.  This movie has guessing trying to figure out the twists and turns.  The actors are great, you've seen many of them before!  You really feel for the boys trapped in the maze.  This movie is not full of explosions or a sappy love story like the last tween trilogies.  The special effects are so good, you don't notice them, you see them as real happenings.  Because of this movie I went out and bought the book (on Kindle, while you are there pick up this blog!) and am feverishly reading it before bed at night.  One huge plus for me is that the main character's name is Thomas, same as me!  I did not know this going into the movie.  So everyone needs to root for Thomas.

The Walking Dead S4
I am a die hard fan of TWD, except for one rule that I've followed after the first season.  I don't watch any episodes until they all come out on Netflix or Amazon so I can watch them all back to back.  Over the last 3 days I have done just that.   I was not let down either except for when Herschel dies.  He was the glue that held the group together.  Seriously, after his death and an attack on the prison, the entire group is split up, some coming back together in the end.  P.s. Rick shows how much of a badass he is again by taking a bite out of crime if you know what I mean, makes you lose all memories of him as a boring farmer!  Great season, and am extremely excited for the next season!