Friday, July 18, 2014

Bad Words and Transformers

Transformers: Extinction

I went to see Transformers on opening day... in 3D of course.  It was really good.  What was even more interesting is that I live just a few miles from where the movie takes place!  I liked the storyline, I just wish there was some kind of mention of the characters from the first 3 movies.  The redesigned transformers were great, K. Grammer was great, Mark Wahlberg was fantastic.  People actually dies in this movie so I am guessing that the 2nd (5th) installment will be even darker. 
The next week I took vacation and headed home to Abilene to be with my little brothers and family.   They hadn't seen it yet so we went and watched it at the Drive In theater.  You haven't seen transformers until you have seen them 80 feet tall!  The Dinosaur Transformers are my favorite by far!

Bad Words

If you like Arrested Development, then you will love this.  If you have never seen any Jason Bateman movies and this is your first, you will fall in love with his wit and comedy.  A must see and it is freaking HILARIOUS!  I LOL'd many times during this movie, but I would have liked a better ending with his father.