Sunday, May 25, 2014

I need a better hobby

Yes, I went to the movies again.... I need a better hobby, it seems that watching movies is the only thing that I have done lately!  AnyWhoooooo.......

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Freaking Amazing!  The 3D was great, (when it worked, yes I am calling you out Regal Cinemas!!!!)  Enjoyed the storyline, the special effects were on point.  I personally wanted it to be about 30 minutes longer and do some more character building on QuickSilver.  One thing that impressed me was how they paid attention to past XMen movies and tied them together.  You will notice this too if you go watch it.  As I am typing this, the media is expecting XMen to cross $100 Million at the box office for Memorial Day Weekend!  *Spoiler*  Loved all of the original cameos from past XMen movies!


I wanted to like this movie so much, and to be honest I am unable to give an opinion on it.  Yes, I went to see it, Yes, I paid the up sale for 3D.  BUT.... when it came for the huge fight scene where Godzilla fights off the other monsters.... I literally fell asleep in the movie theater.  I guess I was just too exhausted.  I awoke when I heard clapping for the rest of the people in the movie theater that enjoyed the fight scene.  I enjoyed the graphics and storyline that I actually saw.  I will watch it again when it comes out on video.


You cant miss a Tommy Lee Jones film.  Here he plays General MacArthur and he has been given the task to rebuild Japan after WWII.  He gives MO's to some of his men to see if the Emperor of Japan should be tried to war crimes or not.  This movie is a history lesson that you did not learn in school.  Since I like learning new things about historical events, this had my interest the whole time.  If you don't like documentaries, you wont like this movie.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Neighbors: The Review


So, I had a little free time AND the opportunity to go see Neighbors a few hours before it was officially released.  I decided to go.  Showed up about 20 minutes early, ordered and gigantic Mountain Dew for like $100 or how ever much they cost now.  (I think I am Regal Cinema's best customer!) Went into the movie theater, took my seat, 3rd row so I can be completely be immersed into the production.  Watched some hilarious previews that I will have to go see when they are in theaters (hopefully some will invite me to red carpets HINT HINT!)

The Movie starts out with Seth Rogan and Rose Byrn being your typical new parents, they just don't want to give up the "party life" when Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and the whole fraternity move next door and hilarity ensues.  They go after each other with disastrous outcomes but the whole time you are laughing.  A lot of the pranks that you see are straight out of YouTube so it connects with today's audience. 

One thing that I would change, SPOILER!!!!!  at the end when Zac Efron's character is arrested, I wish Seth Rogan and Rose Byrn would have been seen bailing him out of jail.  That way it could possibly lead to a tighter friendship, could have seen them using the walkie talkies at the end.  Maybe setting the precedent for a sequel.

This movie is THAT Funny.  Rated R so make sure the youngin's stay home!

Movie Reviews

I've been quiet for a while, just watching movies, here is what I've seen lately!

The Amazing Spiderman II

The people that made this movie really paid attention to the use of 3D.  I was not disappointed in the 3D graphics like I have been with other movies lately.  Andrew Garfield is back as Spiderman and does a great Job, his love interested Emma Stone is AWESOME as always.  Because of this new movie I am adding Dane Dahaan to my list of all time favorite actors.  He does so well as the head of Oscorp and The Green Goblin.  The only drawback is that I would have liked to see Spiderman battle Rhino a little more since it was promoted so much in the previews.  Great movie, go see it!


Some heavy hitters in this tech drama movie.  Harrison Ford made me want to see it, it has one of the Hemsworth guys it it as well.  Was it worth seeing in theaters? No, but as a rental. Yes.

Carrie (the remake)

WOW!  I had just finished re watching the original when this one came out on video, so I decided to give it a try.  Such a good story and they stayed pretty true to the original.  The special effects were amazing though.

47 Ronin

He's back!  Keanu Reeves that is.  This movie is okay, lots of fighting and action.  The love story seemed forced but again, this is an action movie and should be treated as such.  Great scenery for the background.  Also liked the fantastic creatures created that come to life in this movie.