Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America has spoken and Trump is the Winner.

I can honestly say that I was a Trump supporter ever since Jeb Bush bowed out of the Republican races.  I want to say that this election cycle was brutal, and I would like to say that it is over, but it is not.  He had to overcome: huge odds, media will be super critical, his family will be brought more into the limelight.

Donald Trump had to overcome a record number of participants just to become the Republican Candidate.  He had to go through more debates than any other president in modern history and his message has hardly waived.  American voters helped Trump beat one of the American Royal Families of American Politics.

The media crucified Trump over and over, taking more negative hits than Hillary along the way.  The Liberal Media wanted Trump to lose ever since Trump called the media outlets out.  It is a shame that this happened because the news is supposed to be unbiased but, sadly it is not.  I think America finally saw through this facade to make their own decision.  I truly think that many voters didn't make up their mind until they were at the voting booth, without prying eyes, and without others judging them, made the selection that they felt the most comfortable with.

I hope you are ready to learn more about the extended Trump family than you ever wanted to know and it has already started.  The media is upset that they were proven wrong after months of panhandling a loss to the Trump campaign.  The media will have more scrutiny for this family than even the Obamas.  The media was relatively tame when it came to Obamas 2 daughters.  Michelle Obama was applauded for her help with kids nutrition and her fashion sense.  Trumps youngest son was already on the front page of the USA Today's app because he yawned!!!!!!!  His wife will be attacked more than Michelle, she will not be afforded the many public appearances on talk shows that Michelle was to help get her message to the people.  I don't know what she will choose to support in her tenure as president, but it will not get the same air time.  The extended Trump family will now have a circus following them around as they continue to run the Trump empire.

I don't know how Trump will do as a president, only history will tell us that.  But as you think about how any president is doing, remember it is the others that actually make change and vote on laws.  The Congress and Representatives.... it is the Supreme Court that decides if a law is constitutional or not.  Those are the main elections that we need to focus on.  They have the power to vote, the president does not vote.

What I want to see with a Trump president.  This is hard because I personally have a bad taste in my mouth from the last president for two main reasons.  My taxes went up by about 40% and I was mandated to get health insurance.  I already had health insurance through my employer but being told I had too, I felt, violated a freedom.  I want to see lower taxes nearly across the board, increased spending in infrastructure, an increase in STEM education, even though I am 35 years away from Social Security I want to see a huge crackdown on Social Security and Medicaid fraud.  I know people that I feel are beating the system that is costing the American People money and I think that if we saved these false claims that it would significantly curb spending on these programs.  It would costs money upfront but would save us in the long term.  I do want to see some increased taxes in a few areas.... I think gambling institutions should be taxed at a slightly higher rate, Tobacco and alcohol, and medical marijuana should be legalized and heavily taxed.  Marijuana should then have to be held to the same stringent standards as tobacco and alcohol.  It cant be smoked in public because of effects of second hand smoke on those around a user... I don't want to be high!  Businesses can still halt employment to persons that use unless they have a prescription.  All marijuana prescriptions have to be reviewed every 90 days.  I want to see stronger policy on immigration.... I feel that if you are here illegally and NOT taking steps to legalize should be deported.  That being said, everyone should be given a chance to become citizens.

Anyway, I am tired of typing, there are my 2 cents, if you have a question or comment, please let me know below, I will try to respond to all!