Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Artists you should know.....

Many years ago I had a TV show that aired on 2 Fox affiliate networks in West Texas.  During this time I had to reach out to publishers, agents, etc of artists just to get their permission to show their clients music videos on my show.  You would think that they would want you to play their clients work because it would spread awareness of the work, but as a small time player and only 400K viewers, it was tough work.  I came across Steve B at Visual Marketing and he was one of the best (along with Atlantic and Columbia Records) at sending me video content of various artists to showcase.  My audience loved it.  I don't have my tv show anymore but I still have some of my audience left that likes to read my post every now and then.  I recently caught up with Steve and here are the artists he is currently working with:

The Tommy Steele Band – Rockin’ Both Sides

Australia’s Tornadoes – Cowboy for a Night
VIDEO VIEWING URL:   https://youtu.be/9adDTVoiPB8

Chris Rowan – Swim In Your Heart
VIDEO VIEWING URL:   https://youtu.be/z-hxz4Su7A4

Blane Howard – Promise to Love Her                          
   This Song/Video is getting great response as the “First Dance” song at weddings

Marcum Stewart – As Long as You Love It

Shantell Ogden – The Road That Drives Me

Rod Black – Go Big or Go Home                                
     Rod is the former lead singer of the rock band, Jet Black Stare
VIDEO VIEWING URL:  https://youtu.be/nKAdwHmjWzw

Timothy Craig – You Got It

THESLIDERS.COM – The Electric Boogie Spanglish  (18 count line-dance)
VIDEO VIEWING URL:   https://youtu.be/gED6IsRZ5CU

Please give each of these videos a view and let me know on Twitter your favorite! @@Teejaytoday     

P.s. If you are interested in booking me for a show, drop me a DM.