Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Kid in Me, at the box office

This week I saw myself going back in time and acting like a kid again.  I ate a whole box of strawberry vines, then some cake, bounced off the walls for few hours and finally crashed.  Before I crashed I was able to get in a few more movies.


This is a first for Disney.  They retold the story of Sleeping Beauty but from the angle of Maleficent.  I must say, it was pretty impressive.  Of all the movies I watched this weekend, this one was the best and will become part of my movie collection.  I was impressed by the way they paid special attention to the 3D aspect of the film.  The scenes where Maleficent is soaring through the sky were breathtaking in the third dimension.  Special effects were great, it was awesome to see just how much power Maleficent really had.  Favorite part of the whole thing was the twist ending... I wont give it away but I even my second guess was wrong at the end.

How to Train your Dragon II

I loved the first one, and this one did not disappoint.  I definitely takes a darker turn in the second installment with a main character dying.  This movie definitely tugs at the heart strings MULTIPLE times during the movie.  Great battle scenes!!!!  As a Science nut I can appreciate they use of thermodynamics as Toothless is using his fire bursts to keep HicCup in the air, but you will see it in the movie!  New types of dragons are added along with a few new main characters that I am sure we will see in the #3!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

All I can say is that this is kind of like Clue, Life Aqautic, and Dunstin Checks In all rolled together but add in a whole bunch of cameos from great actors.  I enjoyed this movie but am very aware that this movie will not appeal to the majority of people.  If you liked Life Aquatic then you will like this, if not, maybe you are better off renting it after you watched your #1 choice.  Great acting, lots of little puns that a more sophisticated audience can enjoy!