Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman......Brent Allen

When I had my TV show I made the acquaintance of Texas Country Music Star Brent Allen and I recently reached out to him to see if he would like to say a little something for www.TeeJayToday.com and he accepted... Here is the twitter conversation that we had:

(TeeJay asking Brent) Thank you for doing this #TwitterView! How have you been?

(Brent Answering) Hey man - just busy trying to enjoy life & get ready for the holidays! They seem to get here faster every year!

So to get started, of all of the artists that you have worked with, who were you most star struck with?

Dale Watson will always be one of my heroes, & no matter how many times we talk, he's just so cool. Really admire that guy

What venue have you played at have you enjoyed the most and what is largest venue you have played at?

Loved playing the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo BBQ cook-off. So far, that's the biggest one!

When can we hear you play next?

I'm doing a bunch of private parties most of this month for the holidays, including one for KVET. Should have details soon.

Favorite story from on the road?

I feel very blessed to have the success I've had so far, & it's really hard to single out one, especially in 140 char or less!
Tho, I'll never forget time Ray Benson's bday party where I met Sissy Spacek & Robert Duvall - 2 of my fav actors. Was awesome!

Rapid Fire; Favorite Food, Color, Number, State, Sports Team, Interviewer, and favorite celebrity?

Italian, Green, 6, Texas, UT Longhorns !, (of course) & Dale Watson

If you had the choice where would you dream venue be? Who would you dream collaboration be with?

For historical reasons, I'd really love to play the - total dream come true there. without a doubt

Tell me about your next album.

I'm in pre-production right now & it's going to be a little grittier than the last 1. There will still be a traditional feel tho

But I promise there will still be a fiddle & steel guitar - very hard to picture country without those 2 instruments!

Thank U so much for doing this & I wish you much success, just dont forget about us small guys when U sell out MSG.

Really enjoyed it. Don't worry - I've got a great memory, and not much of an ego - or so they tell me! :) Thanks again!

I have been listening to his songs from his album and I am floored at how polished and how extremely talented this gentleman is. He loves to interact with his fans via social media and is very accessible. If you like George Strait, Radney Foster, or Clint Black, you need to rush out and find a copy of Brent Allen's Album. Also, if you get a chance to go see Brent LIVE, you HAVE to do it, you can learn where he will be playing at by following him on twitter!

Here is the BIO of Brent from his Facebook Page:
For the past 17 years, Brent Allen has been working in or around the Austin music scene, mostly on behalf of other musicians and songwriters through non-profit organizations like the NSAI and eventually as part of the board of directors for the Austin Songwriters Group. During that time, he was able to meet many well-known and accomplished writers and artists such as Dale Watson, Freddy Powers, Redd Volkaert and most of Asleep at The Wheel. It was through meeting these legendary acts throughout those years that he was able to secure their places on his album, “There’s A Lot of Folks Like Me” released in November 2007.

From that point forward, Brent put together a band, and began a very heavy touring schedule, averaging 220 shows a year to support the album. He and his band became very well-established and logged thousands of miles on the road, making new fans at every show. They were even called one of Best in Texas magazine’s “Stars on The Horizon”, while San Antonio’s Hangin’ Tree Saloon owner John Oaks said “these guys are so good that it makes it fun just to be around them.” Additionally, the single, “Day Job” was released to Texas country radio during this time, where it reached #55 on the Texas Music Chart, and the guys had 4 appearances on Fox7’s “Good Day Austin” in less than 2 years!

But, due mostly in part to the downturn of the economy, things began to slow down, and the full band took a hiatus, while Brent went on to perform as a solo act around Austin.

Now, Brent is back and working vigorously to get back to that same level that he was at during the last few years. “I had so much support around me from family, friends, and fans from all over Texas as well as people I respected in the music industry, that giving up was never an option,” says Brent. “It was just a matter of the right time and being ready to get back out there.”

For the last several months, Brent has been building a business plan with Greg Vendetti, (owner of GV Music Enterprises), writing new songs and even getting up on stage a few times with his good friend and fellow artist, Jeremy Steding. He’s also working on putting together a tour of Europe next year with Stacy Keys, a friend, promoter, and stage manager based out of Scotland. “I first came across Brent over a year ago and was struck at how passionate he is about the music he plays and plays so well! His deep resonating and soulful voice lends itself perfectly to the storytelling ballads that touch the heart, yet he can also pull you straight to the foot stomping hand clapping dance halls of Texas!”

Of the material he’s been writing for the new album, you can expect it to draw from his vast musical influences like Waylon, Willie and Merle to George Strait, Radney Foster and Clint Black. So, with new horizons and a bright future ahead of him, Brent is back and looking forward to making new friends and fans across the miles, and reconnecting with old ones.

Find out more at www.BrentAllen.net
Follow Brent on twitter by going to www.twitter.com/brentallen

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Went to the movies

I went to the movies today to see "Real Steel" I must say it is one of my new favorite movies... The CGI was great, I even liked the story line!

As soon as this one comes out I will be adding it to my Video Collection, it takes a great movie for me to want to watch it again. The dancing from the lil boy was hilarious. Of course I noticed all of the product placement in this movie and it actually helped build the story because all of the companies that advertised would probably do it in real life!

The companies that had product placement:

Dr. Pepper

I have been listening to a country artist called Brent Allen, check back here later to see a write up! You will love the music!