Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bellamy Brothers #TwitterView

I had the pleasure of meeting this country group a few months ago when they came into the studio and did an interview for my TV Show. We put their music videos into our rotation and our fans absolutely loved them. I started doing these #TwitterViews and I knew that I had to get these entertaining gentlemen to do it!

If you see: (-JB)= Jesse Bellamy (-NB)= Noah Bellamy

(Me asking them)
@jesseandnoah Thanks for doing this #TwitterView...How have yall been?

Them Answering:
@TeeJayToday Doing well, except Tennessee is cold this time of year.---NB

@jesseandnoah It has been about 7 months since I last seen yall and you were promoting some new Videos...How are they doing?

@TeeJayToday Been good. Just been writing, recording, traveling the usual. --JB

@jesseandnoah It is nearly Christmas and you have a new Christmas song available.... Tell us a little more about it.

@TeeJayToday I wrote "I Want TX For Christmas" which reveals many Bellamy Christmas traditions. We directed & filmed the video ourselves.-JB

@TeeJayToday We started making videos ourselves a year ago. They've really started to take off. We now have over 100,000 views on YouTube.

@TeeJayToday The frozen fantasy world and Alamo Christmas are really our green screened living room. -NB

@jesseandnoah How do you both plan on spending #Christmas this year?

@TeeJayToday Probably on an Eggnog Binge--JB

@TeeJayToday We’ll be spending Christmas at the Bellamy ranch in Florida...fighting with our brothers over what the best Kinks album is.

@jesseandnoah So are you working on your next album yet? What is it going to sound like?

@TeeJayToday Yes. I'm our recording engineer & am using new (to us) vintage gear. This album will sound bigger, louder, & richer. --NB

@TeeJayToday The new album is like nothing we or anyone else has ever done before. I've written the songs & we're in the studio daily.-JB

@jesseandnoah If you could choose any artist to sing on your next album with you, who would you choose and why?

@TeeJayToday Barrington Levy, because he's the greatest living Reggae singer.--NB

@TeeJayToday J. D. Sumner cause of that double low C note on Elvis' "Way Down."--JB

@jesseandnoah Where are yall playing at next....so we can make plans to visit!

@TeeJayToday Zurich,Switzerland in Feb. Telling everyone to bring their skis.--NB Anybody know an Absinthe Bar in Zurich?--JB

@jesseandnoah Is there a big tour planned for next year?

@TeeJayToday In terms of distance, it's huge but not big enough for us. Call our agent.

@jesseandnoah I was watching the Grammy Nominations the other day...How can we get yall nominated for an award?

@TeeJayToday As write-ins in the Best Polka Album Category--JB

@TeeJayToday Two words: Crowd-sourced Bribery--NB

@jesseandnoah And shout outs you would like to give out, kind of like a #Grammy #Acceptance #Speech

@TeeJayToday We'd have to thank all of those who contributed bribes.--NB

@TeeJayToday My Mama and Elvis! --JB

@jesseandnoah okay...quickfire.... Favorite color, favorite sport, favorite food, favorite number, state, interviewer, artist, fruit, meat?

@TeeJayToday leopard print,womens tennis,Indian,15,both will be on nxt album,@TeeJayToday,Gauguin,Satsumas,Surf&Turf (ribeye & Stone crab)JB

@TeeJayToday Angry beige,women's beach volleyball,cheese,42, sleep, Shotgun Red & @teejaytoday, Gauguin, Plant City strawberries, brisket-NB

@jesseandnoah Hey guys, it was great to hear from you again, and I cant wait till you are playing near me again...

@TeeJayToday Thank you! When we are your way, we'll give you a shout. Thanks as always for supporting indie artists. We appreciate it.

@jesseandnoah I wish yall much MORE #success & dont forget about me when yall sell out stadiums! Thanks for signing my guitar last time!

@TeeJayToday Thanks for having us TeeJay...Anytime.

As you can see from some of their answers, these guys are hilarious and they have some of the best music out there, my favorite so far is 'Dirty with a Southern Draw'
Check out their bio on their website at www.JesseAndNoah.com

Here is the link to their Christmas Video http://youtu.be/2JAEDFacUp4

Pick up their latest album 'LandFall' from their website also!

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