Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Review

I recently given the chance to watch a new movie before it hits theaters. (Which is really cool)

The movie was "Playback" and stars Christian Slater and the blong guy from "The Covenent".

I enjoyed this horror movie but was left wanting more. Sometimes the make-up was horrible, the story needed some help, but the actors were okay. There is one scene that make me uneasy, supposedly this takes place to high school students and there are a few nude female scenes, I felt like I should turn my head, but the actors are over 18.

This movie makes you think about your soul and social media. It states that if you have a video of yourself, it steals your soul and leave room for someone or something else to move in, well..... I am a freelance photographer, had a TV show that ran 3 times a week in 2 markets for an hour each time, AND I have close to 70 videos on Youtube. Looks like I am screwed!

The move "Playback" comes out in March. If you are needed a movie for that first date to scare the girl into your arms, go to it, but she wont let you take any pictures of her for a few days afterwards!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammys and Twitter

Head on over to my Twitter page to see all of the tweets that I blasted out during the Grammys!


Movie Review

This weekend had a few new movies to see, I chose Journey 2 in 3D. The line to see Star Wars was too long, and I didn't feel like waiting.

Journey 2 was GREAT! It had humor, action, a story line. The ONLY thing that got me (a Biology Guy) was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I'm not going to tell you to keep from ruining it, if you don't notice it, I don't want you to focus on it if you get to go see it. If you want to know what bothered me, post in the comments! ps...the Rock is in the movie!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Loss of a Legend...

Whitney has passed away in a hotel room at the age of 48.

Here are a few facts about Whitney,

She has won:

6 Grammys
30 Billboard Awards
22 American Music Awards
In all, she has won over 400 awards

She started singing in church at 11

She has a new movie coming out in August (2012)

Sold over 170,000,000 albums

If you have any facts to add, just put them in the comments section below.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Adam Lambert, New Music Video

Adam Lambert released a new music video at midnight last night. It is called 'Better Than I Know Myself' from his upcoming album 'Trespassing"

I personally love this new video/song and a little different than what Adam has done in the past even though it still has some parallel features that make it a Truly Adam Song.

Scream on Adam!

So 'Glamberts' have you already ordered your copy of the upcoming album?

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New Movie

If you are planning a trip to the movie theater this week, let me help cut down on the choices you have to see, or at least one anyway.

Some others and I went to see 'The Grey' yesterday, including the 3 people that went with me, there were less than 10 people in the whole theater. The movie actually starts out okay, except I don't think it tells enough of the back story of the lead character 'John' portrayed by Liam Neeson. The movie has quite a bit of action and in a few places, I even jumped. but....the ending completely screws up the entire movie...I am all for cliff hangers but sometime a movie can leave too many questions unanswered. I believe that this is one of those times.

If you were thinking about watching 'The Grey' Hold out until you can rent it at home.

Liam Neeson is still one bad SOB!