Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artist Spotlight with @Vassy

A little backgound on Recording Artist Vassy (from her website)
Sometimes Vassy just needs to be Vassy. This doesn't get to happen all the time. Because when the native-Australian is serving as a successful songwriter for premier artists all over the globe, Vassy Karaglorgos has to be thinking about someone beside herself. However, for a musician with melodies constantly on her brain, and rhythms perpetually flowing through her body, this is not an easy task. Quite simply, the native-Australian, whose new album Beautiful Day is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping pop parade of giddy proportions, is a creator. And as Vassy says, "When you're a creator, you just gotta stay creating." Being an artist is who she is. "I've got things to give people," she says proudly.

Here is my TwitterView with Vassy

TeeJay: Good Morning how are you doing today?

Vassy: Good Morning  ...  Tweet Away!

TJ: So how are adjusting to America, is it much different than Australia?

V: Yes, I miss the beach, Australia is very beach orientated.

TJ: Are you excited about May 1st?

V: YES! I'm excited about my album official release May 1st at

TJ: In 140 characters or less, describe your new album to my audience.

V: Fizzy, clapping stomping-electric soulful pop, I write to inspire, the album is very uplifting!!!

TJ: Who were your major influences growing up?

V: Billie Holliday

TJ: What went through your mind when Victoria's Secret chose your song, or when the other big commercial names chose you?

V: I smiled :-) LOL!

TJ: What is your favorite track from your upcoming album? And why?

V: 'Could This Be Love'  It's my single!

TJ: Which artist(s) would you like to work with in the future?

V: Pink, Sting, Bono from U2, Shakira, Ok Go, so many!

TJ: So what do you think of the new wave of boy bands?

V: I'm not mad at it ;-)

TJ: Over 2 million views on . Which one of your videos is your favorite?

V: ummm I'd say is my favorite video (See bottom of Interview)

TJ: You have a very inspirational story about a choir teacher giving you some rough criticism.... What would you say to them now?

V: I'd tell them thanks for being an evil B!!!! Cause it made me more determined to prove everyone wrong!

TJ: On May 1st where can we scoop up your album?

V: My album will be all over iTunes and stores Amazon and so on I'll send u link

TJ: favorite: color, food, animal, celebrity, sport, song

V: green, passion fruit yogurt, dog, boxing, gypsy woman by crystal waters       oh forgot celebrity... Hmmmmm not sure??

TJ: Give me one interesting fact that even your most loyal fans don't know about you....yet!

V: I'm OCD! LOL!

TJ: Can we expect a tour to help promote the new album?

V: YES!!!

TJ: Anything else you would like to add?

V: yes go to to order my new album and to go check out

V: THANK YOU SO much for your support...its easier to talk than type it all....I'm just blessed to be in LA living my dreams..x

V: also exclusive offer only before album

And finally... My favorite @Vassy Video:

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