Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Those Little Rodents

Today was my day off so I decided to head to the movies with my little brothers. They wanted to see the third installment of the Chipmunks.

It was funny...I laughed right along with the kids in the movie theater. It has a lot of pop music references that maybe some of the kids wont get, but the parents (older brothers) will love!

If you have to take a younger person to the movies, this is one to put on your list!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bellamy Brothers #TwitterView

I had the pleasure of meeting this country group a few months ago when they came into the studio and did an interview for my TV Show. We put their music videos into our rotation and our fans absolutely loved them. I started doing these #TwitterViews and I knew that I had to get these entertaining gentlemen to do it!

If you see: (-JB)= Jesse Bellamy (-NB)= Noah Bellamy

(Me asking them)
@jesseandnoah Thanks for doing this #TwitterView...How have yall been?

Them Answering:
@TeeJayToday Doing well, except Tennessee is cold this time of year.---NB

@jesseandnoah It has been about 7 months since I last seen yall and you were promoting some new Videos...How are they doing?

@TeeJayToday Been good. Just been writing, recording, traveling the usual. --JB

@jesseandnoah It is nearly Christmas and you have a new Christmas song available.... Tell us a little more about it.

@TeeJayToday I wrote "I Want TX For Christmas" which reveals many Bellamy Christmas traditions. We directed & filmed the video ourselves.-JB

@TeeJayToday We started making videos ourselves a year ago. They've really started to take off. We now have over 100,000 views on YouTube.

@TeeJayToday The frozen fantasy world and Alamo Christmas are really our green screened living room. -NB

@jesseandnoah How do you both plan on spending #Christmas this year?

@TeeJayToday Probably on an Eggnog Binge--JB

@TeeJayToday We’ll be spending Christmas at the Bellamy ranch in Florida...fighting with our brothers over what the best Kinks album is.

@jesseandnoah So are you working on your next album yet? What is it going to sound like?

@TeeJayToday Yes. I'm our recording engineer & am using new (to us) vintage gear. This album will sound bigger, louder, & richer. --NB

@TeeJayToday The new album is like nothing we or anyone else has ever done before. I've written the songs & we're in the studio daily.-JB

@jesseandnoah If you could choose any artist to sing on your next album with you, who would you choose and why?

@TeeJayToday Barrington Levy, because he's the greatest living Reggae singer.--NB

@TeeJayToday J. D. Sumner cause of that double low C note on Elvis' "Way Down."--JB

@jesseandnoah Where are yall playing at we can make plans to visit!

@TeeJayToday Zurich,Switzerland in Feb. Telling everyone to bring their skis.--NB Anybody know an Absinthe Bar in Zurich?--JB

@jesseandnoah Is there a big tour planned for next year?

@TeeJayToday In terms of distance, it's huge but not big enough for us. Call our agent.

@jesseandnoah I was watching the Grammy Nominations the other day...How can we get yall nominated for an award?

@TeeJayToday As write-ins in the Best Polka Album Category--JB

@TeeJayToday Two words: Crowd-sourced Bribery--NB

@jesseandnoah And shout outs you would like to give out, kind of like a #Grammy #Acceptance #Speech

@TeeJayToday We'd have to thank all of those who contributed bribes.--NB

@TeeJayToday My Mama and Elvis! --JB

@jesseandnoah okay...quickfire.... Favorite color, favorite sport, favorite food, favorite number, state, interviewer, artist, fruit, meat?

@TeeJayToday leopard print,womens tennis,Indian,15,both will be on nxt album,@TeeJayToday,Gauguin,Satsumas,Surf&Turf (ribeye & Stone crab)JB

@TeeJayToday Angry beige,women's beach volleyball,cheese,42, sleep, Shotgun Red & @teejaytoday, Gauguin, Plant City strawberries, brisket-NB

@jesseandnoah Hey guys, it was great to hear from you again, and I cant wait till you are playing near me again...

@TeeJayToday Thank you! When we are your way, we'll give you a shout. Thanks as always for supporting indie artists. We appreciate it.

@jesseandnoah I wish yall much MORE #success & dont forget about me when yall sell out stadiums! Thanks for signing my guitar last time!

@TeeJayToday Thanks for having us TeeJay...Anytime.

As you can see from some of their answers, these guys are hilarious and they have some of the best music out there, my favorite so far is 'Dirty with a Southern Draw'
Check out their bio on their website at

Here is the link to their Christmas Video

Pick up their latest album 'LandFall' from their website also!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

After work today, I went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1,
It was okay. It started out a little slow for my taste but it had some great action scenes in it. It was funny that Jacob had his shirt off in the first 4 seconds of the movie. If you have already seen it, did you notice all of the little Easter Eggs in the movie? The Chess Board (Book Cover Reference) When Bella said she was going to put Jacob's face on a milk carton (Abduction Reference)

One thing that really kind of disturbed me was seeing Bella literally waste away due to the Fetus/Baby feeding off of her.

Final Thought....GO see the movie, it's worth the ticket price, if you have never seen the other films, I highly suggest you watch them first, just to be familiar with the story line.

Disclaimer: I have purposely not read the books, I did/do not want to know what happens when I go to see the movie....the only problem is, everyone I know has read the books and they insist on telling me what happens!

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@TeeJayToday) and Foursquare ( to find out when and where I am and what I am doing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tweeting Live during the Grammy Nominations

Here are the tweets from when I was tweeting live during the Grammy Nomination Show:
1) Tweet with me LIVE tonight as I tweet live during the
2) on the nominations. She really knows how to put on a show!
3) Who will win record of the year? I rooting for or or
4) I want that hat! looking amazing as always
5) Is this the year that blew up or what?
6) Who will win the Grammy for song of the year? I am voting for 'Grenade' and 'Rolling in the Deep'
7) and on the What song do you think should be on? I think Achy Breaky Heart!
8) Who will the for Best New Artist? I'm leaning towards
11) Who are you voting for, for album of the year? I like
12) and singing 'You and I'. What did you think? I liked it!

Movie Review

Yay! It's Christmas Time! I love the holidays and being able to go see Christmas movies at the theaters is a tradition of mine. I am normally a really happy person, but when the holidays get I get even MORE happier and other people usually get sick of me after a few minutes of being so HAPPY!

I recently took my little brother to see Arthur Christmas in 3D...he went because his Idol (Justin Bieber) has a music video that plays before the movie starts...but when that is over, the movie begins. It has the typical story lines of scrooges and that one person that always has the Christmas Spirit that shows the others the way. I liked all of the comedy aspects of the movie, the grumpy grandpa, the techie older brother (Me) the forgetful father, the loving mother, the proud elf. It is a must watch movie... It also does a good job of telling everyone how Santa is able to deliver all of the presents in one night. It has some sweet father/son interactions too. The theaters are going to be full this year, especially with the new Twilight out, so maybe you should choose Arthur Christmas instead, you will be happy that you did! Arthur Christmas: The Novel Arthur Christmas: The Movie Story Book Arthur Christmas: The Soundtrack

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman......Brent Allen

When I had my TV show I made the acquaintance of Texas Country Music Star Brent Allen and I recently reached out to him to see if he would like to say a little something for and he accepted... Here is the twitter conversation that we had:

(TeeJay asking Brent) Thank you for doing this #TwitterView! How have you been?

(Brent Answering) Hey man - just busy trying to enjoy life & get ready for the holidays! They seem to get here faster every year!

So to get started, of all of the artists that you have worked with, who were you most star struck with?

Dale Watson will always be one of my heroes, & no matter how many times we talk, he's just so cool. Really admire that guy

What venue have you played at have you enjoyed the most and what is largest venue you have played at?

Loved playing the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo BBQ cook-off. So far, that's the biggest one!

When can we hear you play next?

I'm doing a bunch of private parties most of this month for the holidays, including one for KVET. Should have details soon.

Favorite story from on the road?

I feel very blessed to have the success I've had so far, & it's really hard to single out one, especially in 140 char or less!
Tho, I'll never forget time Ray Benson's bday party where I met Sissy Spacek & Robert Duvall - 2 of my fav actors. Was awesome!

Rapid Fire; Favorite Food, Color, Number, State, Sports Team, Interviewer, and favorite celebrity?

Italian, Green, 6, Texas, UT Longhorns !, (of course) & Dale Watson

If you had the choice where would you dream venue be? Who would you dream collaboration be with?

For historical reasons, I'd really love to play the - total dream come true there. without a doubt

Tell me about your next album.

I'm in pre-production right now & it's going to be a little grittier than the last 1. There will still be a traditional feel tho

But I promise there will still be a fiddle & steel guitar - very hard to picture country without those 2 instruments!

Thank U so much for doing this & I wish you much success, just dont forget about us small guys when U sell out MSG.

Really enjoyed it. Don't worry - I've got a great memory, and not much of an ego - or so they tell me! :) Thanks again!

I have been listening to his songs from his album and I am floored at how polished and how extremely talented this gentleman is. He loves to interact with his fans via social media and is very accessible. If you like George Strait, Radney Foster, or Clint Black, you need to rush out and find a copy of Brent Allen's Album. Also, if you get a chance to go see Brent LIVE, you HAVE to do it, you can learn where he will be playing at by following him on twitter!

Here is the BIO of Brent from his Facebook Page:
For the past 17 years, Brent Allen has been working in or around the Austin music scene, mostly on behalf of other musicians and songwriters through non-profit organizations like the NSAI and eventually as part of the board of directors for the Austin Songwriters Group. During that time, he was able to meet many well-known and accomplished writers and artists such as Dale Watson, Freddy Powers, Redd Volkaert and most of Asleep at The Wheel. It was through meeting these legendary acts throughout those years that he was able to secure their places on his album, “There’s A Lot of Folks Like Me” released in November 2007.

From that point forward, Brent put together a band, and began a very heavy touring schedule, averaging 220 shows a year to support the album. He and his band became very well-established and logged thousands of miles on the road, making new fans at every show. They were even called one of Best in Texas magazine’s “Stars on The Horizon”, while San Antonio’s Hangin’ Tree Saloon owner John Oaks said “these guys are so good that it makes it fun just to be around them.” Additionally, the single, “Day Job” was released to Texas country radio during this time, where it reached #55 on the Texas Music Chart, and the guys had 4 appearances on Fox7’s “Good Day Austin” in less than 2 years!

But, due mostly in part to the downturn of the economy, things began to slow down, and the full band took a hiatus, while Brent went on to perform as a solo act around Austin.

Now, Brent is back and working vigorously to get back to that same level that he was at during the last few years. “I had so much support around me from family, friends, and fans from all over Texas as well as people I respected in the music industry, that giving up was never an option,” says Brent. “It was just a matter of the right time and being ready to get back out there.”

For the last several months, Brent has been building a business plan with Greg Vendetti, (owner of GV Music Enterprises), writing new songs and even getting up on stage a few times with his good friend and fellow artist, Jeremy Steding. He’s also working on putting together a tour of Europe next year with Stacy Keys, a friend, promoter, and stage manager based out of Scotland. “I first came across Brent over a year ago and was struck at how passionate he is about the music he plays and plays so well! His deep resonating and soulful voice lends itself perfectly to the storytelling ballads that touch the heart, yet he can also pull you straight to the foot stomping hand clapping dance halls of Texas!”

Of the material he’s been writing for the new album, you can expect it to draw from his vast musical influences like Waylon, Willie and Merle to George Strait, Radney Foster and Clint Black. So, with new horizons and a bright future ahead of him, Brent is back and looking forward to making new friends and fans across the miles, and reconnecting with old ones.

Find out more at
Follow Brent on twitter by going to

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Went to the movies

I went to the movies today to see "Real Steel" I must say it is one of my new favorite movies... The CGI was great, I even liked the story line!

As soon as this one comes out I will be adding it to my Video Collection, it takes a great movie for me to want to watch it again. The dancing from the lil boy was hilarious. Of course I noticed all of the product placement in this movie and it actually helped build the story because all of the companies that advertised would probably do it in real life!

The companies that had product placement:

Dr. Pepper

I have been listening to a country artist called Brent Allen, check back here later to see a write up! You will love the music!

Monday, October 31, 2011

another Movie and a Book

So it was Halloweekend and I needed to see a great scary movie. I went to see Paranormal Activity 3. I have to say that I was impressed with how they treated to story line. The writers kept making small references to the first 2 movies, which I like. There were definitely some new camera tricks that were not in the first two movies and there were some places that made me jump! The only thing is that the movie felt a little short, it could have been a little longer and a few more jump scenes could have been added.

I also finished reading 'The Legend of Sleepy Hallow' last night. I forgot how well written that short story was. Hats off to Washington Irving for his imagery and story telling capabilities. Plus, it's the perfect time of year for that book!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New movie review

I took my two little brothers to see Puss in Boots this morning and I have to say.....we were all impressed! If you need to please an entire family, you need to make it a point to go see this one. It has great humor for the kiddies and a few tongue in cheek points for the parents. Plus we saw it in 3D so you know I already liked it!

The movie really helps build a back story for one of the most loved characters from the Shrek franchise. The voices were spot on also. The only gripe I heard was from my little brother and he wished it was a little longer, the movie is 90 minutes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working on Interviews

I am trying to get a few interviews via twitter with some pretty big names and then I will post the conversation here and link to their music for you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Want to be reviewed?

If you have a movie or CD that you want to review on
Please Send it to:
TeeJay Today
p.o. box 474
Merkel, TX 79536
Please provide a dated and signed note saying that I can review it and talk about it!
Let's get you some promotion!!!!!!
P.S. I love autographed Pictures and Shirts! *hint hint*

Monday, September 26, 2011

Movies & Balloonfest

I watched the movie "Hanna" the other day and it was pretty good...

I also attended the Abilene Balloon Fest and it was pretty cool...I have some great videos of the balloons at night and will be posting them on youtube soon....
UPDATE!!! It is online now!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lion King in 3D

Do...I took my little brother to see The Lion King in 3D (he was my cover so that I could go) It was Awesome! That movie lent itself so well to being a 3D movie. I might be a little biased since it was a movie that I grew up with! I was 10 when it came out!
Hurry and go see it in 3D while you have the chance!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plans this weekend....

I am going to see The Lion King in 3D this weekend and I need to upload a few videos of great bands that I have seen in the last few weeks! They were Awesome!

You can see some videos of bands that I have already uploaded at

I will also be tweeting live during the Emmy's on the @TeeJayToday twitter account....So make sure you are following me!

I also need to get some flyers made about so that I can hand them when I am out at clubs, etc... I also am going to try and be an entainment columnist for a local paper if I can!

Wish me luck and have a Great Day!

New Movie Review

I finally got time to go see a movie in between my two jobs.... I saw the new Conan. I really enjoyed the movie....the story lines worked (except for one) and the graphics and special effects were great! This is definately a movie that I will probably buy when it comes out on DVD.

Drawback.....DO NOT take younger kids to see this....I know it is rated 'R' and no kids should see it anyway but there is a lot of nudity and graphic bloody scenes...

The only thing that disappointed me was that my movie theatre stopped showing it in 3D and I had to watch it in 2D..... as you know I am a 3D nut, but that is not the movies fault!

If you get a chance....go see it.....that being said, I still enjoy the first Conan with Arnold, the new just develops the story lines a little better!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I went to the movies....

Okay...I have been going to the movies a lot lately.....I have seen The Zookeeper, The Smurfs, Captain America, The Latest Harry Potter, Cowboys & Aliens, I just came back from watching Final Destination 5.

Final Destination 5 in 3D was GREAT! I love these kind of movies AND I can't believe I ever watched a movie in 2D.

Due to FD5 I will never have laser eye surgery or get acupuncture (and no one dies those ways) This sequal to the fifth does not disappoint and really ties up the whole franchise. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5! Go see it!

Notice...It is not suitable for younger people, it gets really graphic!

Find me on FourSquare and Twitter to know when I go to the movies!

Did you watch the VMA's

I did and I also tweeted LIVE during the pre-show and the actual show... Here are all of my Tweets!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Video of the year goes to..... @katyperry! Congrats! #firework #vma #MTV. What was on your head? I've heard of a chip on the shoulder...

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@brunomars covering #amywinehouse...... I am loving it! I bet it trends on iTunes tmr! #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
When I think of #amywinehouse I can't help but think of @tonybennet. #vma #MTV.

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@rustyrockets gives props to #amywinehouse. #russellbrand

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Best female video goes too.... @ladygaga. #vma #MTV. Congratulations!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
I'm so cool I can sing with 2 microphones "unknown band on the #vma's #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Who? Young the giant ? What? #vma #MTV. Can I be on the show next year? At least so people know who I am!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
And best new artist goes to.... Tyler the creator #vma #MTV. I think I'll pass on that album! Did u see his mom! Hilarious!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Was that @ladygaga and @tonybennet together ? WTH!!!! #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@beyonce sure does have a 'glow' about her tonight! wink wink #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@ladygaga and @britneyspears should have kissed!!!!! #vma #MTV. @beyonce performing now!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@ladygaga still in character. Tribute to @britneyspears begins! Are u happy @kellieraspberry ? #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@ @KiddKraddick hilarious But so wrong!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#bieberfever is alive and well as @justinbieber takes home best male video #swag. @chrisbrown performing like a champ now! #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@kimkardashian gives a moonman for best male video to @justinbieber #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Why didn't @timhalprin win video of the year? @kiddkraddick @kellieraspberry

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@Adele looks like she has claws. #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Adele on #MTV #vma. She is awesome. Love her music!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Pardon me. It's Nicki minaj! Stupid autocorrect! Yeah. I'm passing blame

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#MTV #vma what did u think of the performance by Neyo and Pitbull? @lindseyLohan

TeeJayToday TeeJay
The #Hamster commercial was great! Moonman for best collaboration goes to ....Katy and kanye #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#MTV #vma. Best hiphop video moonman goes to @nickiminage

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Future beastie boys are great. Let's dance #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@joejonas on the #vma #MTV. I want his new album.

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#MTV #vma. Have you watched my videos yet?

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#vma #MTV moonman for best rock video goes to... Foofighters. ! Nominated 12 times. Won twice!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
And..... Jay Z. #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Who is next on the #vma #MTV? Kanye... That's who!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@kiddkraddick @kellieraspberry @jsi @jennapage @bigalmac. I'm tweeting live during the #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@jonahhill and @nickiminage give a moonman to @britneyspears. Congrats. Jonah looks fit!

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@kevinhart. A little boring! #MTV #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
So what did you think of the opening performance by @ladygaga? Let me know! #vma #MTV did she fall off the stage?

TeeJayToday TeeJay
Britney looks confused. #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#ladygaga in 5 seconds. #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@brittneyspears is hott. #vma #MTV. #30secondstomars is Awesome... Gotta love @katyperry

TeeJayToday TeeJay
If you are interested in Entertainment information and reviews check out

TeeJayToday TeeJay
@justinbieber wearing glasses? My mind was just blowned.... And a snake named Johnson? #vma #MTV

TeeJayToday TeeJay
#ladygaga wins first #vma

TeeJayToday TeeJay
I am about to Tune into the #VMA pre show....tweet with me live on my other account at @thomasjowers ...LIVE... #MTV

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Songs for My MP3 Player

Here are a few of the new songs that I am downloading for my MP3 Player (Zune HD Platinum) as I type this short blog.

And I have the album from Jesse and Noah Bellamy that I am currently listening to, it is called "Landfall" and is AWESOME!
I also went to the movies today and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes.....OMG it was amazing and am glad I went to see it.....I will probably go see it again while it is at the movies, the only downside is that I wish it was in 3D...there are a few scenic views that would have been spectacular in 3D. Go see it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Releases

Hey everyone, there are a lot of great titles being released. Here are a few for you to check out!

Texas Country Music:

Rich did an intierview for my TV Show!

Top 40 Music:

I had this one on my Show!



Great Movie!

If you want to have your book or music reviewed on my blog, please send it to me or email me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just watched a new Movie

Okay...I am a sucker for horror movies, so when Insidous came out on DVD today, I just had to watch it.

I liked it, but it left me lacking in a few areas. I want to know more about the spirits/demons and the ending left me asking questions. I don't want to ruin it for you so you can purchase/rent it and come to your own opinion.

I am getting ready for the newest Harry Potter movie coming out!

Saw another movie

The last movie that I went to see was the Summer Blockbuster Transformers, Dark side of the Moon.

Of course I saw it in 3D. It was amazing, my favorite of the 3 movies.

Lot's of action studded with some really great humor!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saw Rio in 3D

Sunday I took my little brothers to see Rio in 3D. It was GREAT!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rented a Few Movies this last week.

I used a few of my movie rental credits this last week and watched a few movies....

"Faster" (***) It was a good "guy" movie....I was torn if he was a bad guy or a good guy...I'm leaning toward him being a good guy. You will have to watch it and decide for yourself!
Get the here ------> Faster

"Jackass 3D" (****) It was fall on the floor funny! But then again...I am the perfect demographic for the movie (18-30 yr old male) lots of cussing and male if you are offended by that..dont watch!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 20-26

We have a simple rating system for entertainment. It is based on the 5 star (*) system, 1 star means “Don’t waste your money” and 5 stars means, “Skip work to get this!” Please see below to learn what books, movies, and CD’s are coming out, and I will also include what movies are coming out to rent in your local movie store!

Started Early, Took my Dog,
Started Early, Took My Dog: A Novel

by Kate Atkinson ***

Movies New to Theaters

SuckerPunch PG13****
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 PG***1/2

(April 1st)
Hop PG ****
Insidious PG13 ***

(released 3/22/11)
F.A.M.E Chris Brown *** F.A.M.E. (Deluxe Edition)

Angles the Strokes***

(April 6th)
Perfect in Everyway Fleetwood Mac **

(April 27th)
Unmistakable JoDee Mesina***

New to DVD

Skyline PG13 *** Skyline

The Tourist PG13** The Tourist

Yogi Bear PG * Yogi Bear

Thanks to my two little brothers, I now have the Bieber Fever, we have seen his movie in Theaters 3 times now, and I have to keep his music videos on my laptop so that they can watch them at their whim….I even know the words to the songs now!!!!!! Justin Bieber is a better role model for my 5 and 6 year old brothers then many other celebrities out there now.

Fast Facts....

Justin Bieber’s Documentary has done $81 Million Worldwide SO FAR!!!!! (3rd Highest grossing Documentary Ever, about to become #2 if it overtakes March of the Penguins)

Estimated Net worth of $66-110 Million (He just turned 17!)

305,229,336 upload views on Youtube, I have 514!

Bieber has 8.2 Million Twitter followers, I have 26,482 twitter followers over 3 accounts.

Please tell me what you want to see here? Want interviews? Do you have a band or CD and want me to rate it? Drop me a letter!