Sunday, March 11, 2012

Musician John Mendell #TwitterView

I was able to catch John and get a quick #TwitterView with him!

John, Thank you so much for doing this ! How have you been?

@TeeJayToday Hey I've been great thanks

For all fo the new fans that you are about to receive, tell me a little about your

my music is always changing. I think I've got a pretty diverse selection of songs and there are always more on the way!

Who/What are your inspiration(s) for your

@TeeJayToday my inspirations are my father. Elvis, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin I have a ton

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

Definately Green Day. They've been an idol of mine for a long time

Where can we download or purchase your music if we want to get it?

you can download my music on iTunes, Amazon or at CDBaby

Any summer plans? What is your touring schedule?

My plans are to be soakin' up the sun in Wildwood New Jersey lol. love it there. no tours as of now sadly

What is your most current album out and when are your releasing the next one?

my most recent is Cruisin' To The Blues. the next album will be a little later THIS year. there will ALWAYS be another haha

Okay... Quickfire Q's; : Food, Number, sports team, color, state, interviewer, animal, letter,

Wawa hoagies, 13, Eagles/Phillies/Flyers, blue, Florida, @TeeJayToday, dog, and I guess J lol

Tell us one interesting fact your fans don't already know about you.

my name is actually John Eric Mendell. I have no middle name lol. So I use the 'E.'

Thanks for doing this ... Take Care and keep on making Music!

's music plays on Check it out! Add us to your 'PreSets' You can get us on any smartphone or tablet!

John is a musician currently in New Jersey, please check out his Twitter page as well has his facebook page. Listen to his music then buy a CD! What a nice guy!

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