Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thor 2: The Dark World

I had 2 glorious days off in a row... So I decided to go see a Marvel superhero movie, since they are my favorite type of movie to watch nowadays.


Thor 2: The Dark World

Great movie, all of our favorite characters are back, they built off of the first Thor movie, even had a few mentions about The Avengers.  Great cameo by Captain America in the middle.  Lots of action, good story line.  I even got sad when *SPOILER* Renee Russo dies.  Anthony Hopkins loses a wife, Loki and Thor lose a mother.  Of course I saw it in 3D but nothing really stands out as of why I saw it in 3D like Oz or Avatar.
Don't forget to stay for the credits where an Easter Egg is laid, I don't get it right now, but I'm sure it will make sense when the next Marvel movie comes out.

On another note

Man of Steel comes out this Tuesday, if you are close to a "Hastings Entertainment" store, they will be having a midnight release party, if you go (I will) send me pictures to post!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movies, movies, movies

So... I took yesterday off to catch up on some of my movies that I am behind on....  It was a long day!
It felt like a day of the sequels! 

Grown-Ups 2 
Adam Sandler and crew strike again!  Lots of funny moments, some great jokes, I laughed the most at Kevin James but the movie as a whole was good.  Didn't like the huge product placement by Kmart...   Pick it as a must watch!  Great cameos by Taylor Lautner, Shaq, and Steve Austin! Buy it! 

The Hangover 3
Ummmm.... Only a few laughable moments, maybe since it was the exact same movie as the 2 before it.  John Goodman shows his acting chops as playing a bad guy, but any real acting in this movie stood put above the rest of the shenanigans.  Skip it.

The Conjuring
Loved it.... Except where some of the same spooky details came straight from paranormal activity.  The history of the house was very intriguing and more emphasis should have been placed on it and that the 2 main characters are based on real people!  A good frightful movie.  Buy it! 

Pacific Rim
This is a great action movie, when the monsters are attacking hongKong I couldn't help but think of old Godzilla movies!  Loved the premise of the movie, but they could have spent 20 more minuts explaining things a little better, like why some people have a better 'connection' than others, the different types of robots built, etc....

It's a Tom Hanks movie, so you know it will be good!  A historical look at the Kennedy Assassination but including people they don't show you in main stream history books.  It was interesting to see the inner turmoil of the guy that shot the most famous footage where Kennedy was shot to Bob Oswald (Lee's Brother) and his mother.  I never saw/learned about these people in school.  It also shows a different time where people actually cared about people they never met on a deeper plane unlike today.   This is a MUST WATCH movie for everyone, I think it should be shown in schools as a teaching tool, even though some of the dialogue is made up.

The Heat
One of the funniest movies I have seen al year!  Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a comedy team that I hope I see again in the future... These lady cops really know how to kick butt better than the boys.  Buy it!