Sunday, July 21, 2013

I love days off!

I had a much needed day off today and am taking full advantage of it. 

First of all, I slept in til 10AM...  I cant believe I did that!  Played on my iPad a bit, went to the movie theater and saw RIPD.


It was a great movie!  I have been reading where this movie is getting a bad wrap when it comes to online reviews.  But I went into the theater with an open mind.  I liked it!  Ryan Reynolds is his normal self, full of one liners and some action thrown in too!  Jeff Bridges is hilarious in this movie, he steals the show!  From seeing the previews I even had a surprise in the theater... Did you know that Kevin Bacon is one of the main characters?  I had no idea!  If you like Sci-fi and Action with a bit of comedy, you will enjoy this movie!

When I got back from the movies I stopped at the Rusty Taco and got a shrimp taco and fish taco with a Mexican Coca Cola.  (Breakfast was a smoothie so I was pretty hungry)

When I got home I decided to make some Peach butter since I was out of jelly and I bought a bunch of fresh peaches at the farmers market the day before.  I then took a nap which I normally dont do.  Watched a few YouTube videos, drew and painted a Spider Man painting that I had been wanting to do.  Ate some Mexican food.  Now I am typing this and I have Paranorman playing on netflix and my xBox.

I love days off!

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