Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Lone Ranger & FIREWORKS!

The 4th of July weekend is over and today is the last day of my vacation.... 

What I did:

Went to a new zoo,
Played glow in the dark puttputt
Went to a Giant Farmers Market
Went to an IMAX Dome theater
Went to a Science Museum
Saw The Lone Ranger
Watched Fireworks

The Lone Ranger:

I love it... a lot of the reviews that I am seeing are kind of bad.  People don't understand that my generation or the next don't know about the Lone Ranger...That is why it takes a 2:30 hour long movie to reintroduce him and Tonto to mainstream again.  Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp did a wonderful job of bringing them back to life.  Tonto has some of the funniest lines.  My favorite parts are at the end of the movie when they start making references to the old series.  You hear the theme song to the old series at the end of the movie during the "Big Scene" and the whole theater starting clapping along with the music!  That was Awesome!  I love when a theater of people really get into a movie together.
*I was probably one of the youngest people in the theater, but I went for the 3P showing.

World War Z

Epic movie... I loved it... made me completely disinfect my home after watching and I will probably become a "prepper" now.  Great story line, great actors, awesome special FX and makeup.  Plus... I LOVE ZOMBIES.
This DVD will become a part of my home collection.  SPIOLER ALERT>>>The only thing is that I wish they would have made it a 3 hour long movie and shown more of how they cleaned up after the apocalypse and how they got the vaccine to the masses.

Later that night I went to a Fireworks Show in Downtown Longview TX.  Here is THE WHOLE THING!  I recorded it for you, and got a lot of ant and bug bites in the process!  Enjoy!

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