Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Reviews... Whoop! Whoop!

I went and stayed the entire day at the movie theater the other day to catch up on all of the new releases then I watched a few oldies on Netflix the other night....  Let's dive in shall we..

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

I was lucky, I was able to see this movie a full day before everyone else.  It was great.  It has been getting mixed reviews because it is not Twilight, Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games.  As much as I like those films, I think it should get bonus for NOT being like those other films.  It took a different route.  This installment adds a few more stars to the mix (Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion) and of course all of your favorites including Logan Lerman.  The best lines go to Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion, but you will have to watch it to get those.  The special effects are amazing, I especially liked the water horse thing that pops us in the movie.
Another thing is that parts of the movie are actually rooted in Greek mythology: golden fleece, the gods, their attributes, the metal bull, etc...
Go see it in 3D in the theaters, you won't be disappointed!


This CGI animated cartoon film was enjoyable.  It has Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, the snail that dreams of entering the INDY 500.  It was funny, had some heartfelt moments too.  I took my 2 younger brothers to see it, they really wanted to see it, I wanted to see something else.  They really enjoyed it, but if you don't have some younger ones to go see it, you might want to wait til this one comes out on video.



Easy... LOVED IT.  I am a huge action super hero person.  This one felt more gritty than any other of the Wolverine movies, (including XMEN).  In this one we get to meet new mutants, The Viper!  Great movie, it really builds onto Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is still ripped and can carry this franchise even further.  I like how it explains some of the Nagasaki and that it was just another theater of war that Logan was in.  Go See It!  *I was extremely excited to see the Easter Eggs at the end of the film!

I also watched a couple older movies, if you remember them or have something to say about them, comment below or send me some tweets!

I also watched:
The Faculty
The Rescuers: Down Under

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