Friday, October 26, 2012

Movie Reviews

So..... Halloween is coming and I decided I needed to write about a couple horror movies. New ones, not ones everyone has been watching for years. (And one that is not scary)

Paranormal Activity 4
In this installment they upped the shock factor a bit. The demon is more active, a creepy little kid, a cult..... Fun for everyone! I really love that the Microsoft Kinect gets a lot of screen time in this one.... Plus I really need to try what they do with it in this sequel. I also like that they brought the franchise up to date with laptops and iPhones. Get a group of friends and go see it Halloween night!

Chernobyl Diaries
New out on video.... I was looking for something to watch on Halloween if you planned on staying home. The plot is a group of 20 something's go on an extreme tour of Chernobyl.... I was drawn to this because I would personally do this. The movie was horrible.... The acting is okay, it's the storyline.... I was expecting ghosts or radio active deformed creatures... Nope. Just mental patients exposed to radiation that eat people, but doctors can catch them. Pass on this one folks!

Magic Mike
Every women I know has seen this, so when in the video store I picked up a copy. Not my favorite movie, but.... It has an actual story line. I understand why the women like it.... All the six packs and I don't mean soft drinks.... Alert.... There is a shot of an actual part of the male anatomy... Don't let your kids watch this.... Modeled after the true story of Channing Tatum, a sequel is in the works.

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