Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Reviews

I watched a bunch of movies over the last few days;

Resident Evil:
The newest resident evil, ehhh, it was okay, if I was you I would wait for it to come out on DVD... I did see it in 3D which is always pretty neat, but the story line of this installment is the worst by far, the ending is the saving grace, it sets it up for another installment that I actually may want to see!

Expendables 2:
Old guys can still kick ass! Even more of our favorite action heroes from days past are in this sequel! This is a total guys movie, so don't look for a story line, instead look for lots of action, explosions, and fight scenes! My favorite thing about the whole movies was where the actors would steal each others lines from past movies!

Woman in Black:
Daniel is trying to shed some of his child acting persona with this grown up thriller... I think too much of the movie was left on the cutting room floor that actually tells the whole story... Skip for now!

Cabin in the Woods:
Lots of friends had seen this one but no one told me the plot... And for good reason! It is a little hard to follow until Sigourney Weaver appears at the end to explain it to you! Worth seeing because it is totally different from past horror movies, plus Sigourney is in it!

The Lucky One:
From the same people that brought you The Notebook, and you can tell. If you love these type of movies or Zachary Efron, then you've probably already seen this movie, if you haven't you aren't missing much... A good date movie though to show your sensitive side!

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