Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie Review

Yay! It's Christmas Time! I love the holidays and being able to go see Christmas movies at the theaters is a tradition of mine. I am normally a really happy person, but when the holidays get I get even MORE happier and other people usually get sick of me after a few minutes of being so HAPPY!

I recently took my little brother to see Arthur Christmas in 3D...he went because his Idol (Justin Bieber) has a music video that plays before the movie starts...but when that is over, the movie begins. It has the typical story lines of scrooges and that one person that always has the Christmas Spirit that shows the others the way. I liked all of the comedy aspects of the movie, the grumpy grandpa, the techie older brother (Me) the forgetful father, the loving mother, the proud elf. It is a must watch movie... It also does a good job of telling everyone how Santa is able to deliver all of the presents in one night. It has some sweet father/son interactions too. The theaters are going to be full this year, especially with the new Twilight out, so maybe you should choose Arthur Christmas instead, you will be happy that you did! Arthur Christmas: The Novel Arthur Christmas: The Movie Story Book Arthur Christmas: The Soundtrack

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