Sunday, June 2, 2013

New movie Reviews, some Awesome, some are DUDS!

Okay... I had 2 days off in a row... so I visited Hastings Entertainment and loaded up on movies that I haven't seen yet... and I went to the movies!

The Great Gatsby

First of all, I have to apologize but I have not read the book YET, but it is on my list for 2013.  I'm going to make out my reading list later this month of books that I have read and the books I plan on reading!

The remake of the Great Gatsby was epic in my opinion.  It really shows the grander of living during the roaring twenties and how many people throughout this time achieved (or missed out) on the American Dream.  The soundtrack was impressive.  One of my favorite things is how they made Gatsby Great.  To start out the movie, you don't get to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby.  You DO get to see the back of his head, his ring, etc...  It really builds the tension and when you finally get to see him as the Gatsby, you are not disappointed.  I also have to say that he looks much younger in this film then he looked in some of his other films.  The villain in this movie is really hated.  The women in this movie (especially the lady that they try to set up Toby with) is my new favorite leading lady.  The visuals were amazing, none so more apparent then during the party scenes and where you see the Dr. Eyes where people are cleaning up the spent coal from a growing New York.


I guess I was in a dark mood when I was renting movies because I picked up a few horror movies.  Mama takes place when a father drives his 2 daughters out of town, has a wreck, finds an abandoned house in the woods, attempts to kill the girls, then a random ghosts stops him and kills him.  The daughters are then taken care of by the ghosts in the woods for 5 years when they are found.  They are now WILD and act more like animals than children.  The ghosts decides to follow the children to take care of them even though they are moved into the city.  I liked this movie, it has a few spooky moments that warranted me to turn the lights on every time I heard a random noise.  They only thing that got me was that I didn't like how it ended.  I will not spoil it for you, but let me know what you think about the ending.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Okay, I am from West Texas, currently living in East TX.  The urban legend that we grow up with is that this story is real (its not) so every time a new version of this movie comes out, my friends and I have to go see it.  It helps propagate the urban legend.  This one is by far the WORST one I have seen.  The whole set up of the movie doesn't make any sense.  It leaves too many questions open for any person that has made it past the 3rd grade.  Don't waste your time with this one, go see the original!  This version don't even have any parts that make you jump, absolutely no tension in this installment.  I think Rob Zombie should helm a reboot of this franchise!

The Last Stand

YES!!!  Arnold is Back!!!  Everyone likes to root for the small town sheriff that can get the job down over the entire police force of a huge town.  The best part is when the big police force guy calls Arnold and tries to give him orders, Arnold says, I don't know you so I don't answer to you!  YES!  Growing up in a small town (pop 2500), I saw this mentality from our own police force.  They did what they want when they want.  For the most part we had a stress free town!  Why you will like this video: Explosions, guns, cars destroyed, Johnny Knoxville, hot women, Arnold is back!



Of all the movies I rented, this one was my favorite.  Anthony Hopkins is completely transformed to become Alfred Hitchcock.  We follow Alfred behind the scenes of "Psycho" and of all the hoops that he and his wife had to jump through to finish this movie.  Did you know that the Hitchcock's mortgaged their house to pay for this movie themselves, even though Hitchcock was a proven money maker?  You learn how their marriage nearly falls apart and more private details of this Hollywood royal family.  It is almost a documentary, but with Scarlet Johannson, Hopkins, and Helen Mirren.  Buy this one!

Jack the Giant Slayer

I actually loved this movie... it had humor, great special effects, and it tied the legend into todays history by incorperating the crown jewels.  Everyone knows the story, now you can see it larger than life.  Ewan McGregor was great too!  Look for the golden harp and golden eggs!


Identity Thief

OMG!  This movie had me laughing out loud!  So many funny remarks, sight gags, and it has a sweet ending.  If you need a laugh, this one with "throat chop" you right into a better mood.  I like this one so mcuh, I all making my parents watch it when they come to town in the next few weeks!  Funniest part to me was the snake part in the woods.  Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy have real chemistry in this movie, and I am anticipating the new movie that Melissa is in with Sandra Bullock later this year!

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