Saturday, June 15, 2013

8 hours in a movie theater

Just like the title says, I spent 8 hours in a movie theater over the last 2 days watching movies so that I could get some reviews posted!

Man of Steel!

   The much anticipated reboot of Superman from DC and Christopher Nolan.  It does not disappoint.  Henry Cavill (Superman) is one of my new favorite actors at the moment (I loved him in "Immortals") The ladies behind me whistled when they saw him without his shirt on.
    The graphics are amazing!  For a second at the beginning, I though I was watching 'Avatar'!  I did see this movie in 3D but this is one of the RARE instances where I will not recommend it in 3D simply because there is only one time where the 3D is used correctly.  This is a very much a guys movie....  lots of action and explosions through the entire movie. 
   I am glad that I saw this movie in 3D because there are 2 times in this movie that my eyes started to sweat (tear up) because Kevin Costner is the perfect father figure, that really tug at the heart strings.  Amy Adams plays a perfect Lois Lane with plenty of great lines in the movie.  Diane Lane, Lawrence Fishburne, Russell Crow, and many others make a well rounded and perfectly chosen cast.  P.S. the bad guy is a REAL bad guy.
   You know a movie is good when everyone in the theater claps when the movie was over, that is exactly what happened last night!  And I got a pair of limited edition "Man of Steel" blue 3D glasses.

While waiting for my movie to start, (I had to buy my ticked many hours in advance) I decided to run next door to target to waste some time.  I saw that "OZ" had just come out on video, (see my older posts for a review) I knew I had to have it, so I bought it!
In the theater I noticed that James Franco was in another movie that was playing and that his little brother Dave was also in a movie that was

Franco vs Franco was born


This is the End.

What a hilarious movie.  I am not a fan of Seth Rogan but I am a fan of James Franco.  This movie is a "Who's Who" of relevant comedy for today.  It also has a few cameos from big stars like Emma Watson (another one of my faves) and Rihanna.  Lots of drug references, sex, etc...  All of the comedians play larger than life portrayals of themselves.  It is refreshing to see stars poke fun of themselves. 
   The guys that were sitting behind me were obviously high.  They laughed at the previews which were boring.  During the movie, the entire theater was is hysterics.  My most favorite scene was when Danny McBride and James Franco are arguing over an adult magazine.  Also seeing how Jonah Hill gets possessed if freaking to die for!


Now You See Me

The second Franco movie that I watched co-stars the younger Dave Franco.  They look a lot a like.  This movie also stars: Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers), Morgan Freeman and Micheal Caine, both with too many movies to list. 
  I am a fan of magicians and illusionists.  I was really impressed the last time I went to Vegas and saw Chris Angel perform live.  So I had high hopes for this movie.  The illusions were OFF the CHAIN.  The thing that got me was I am watching this as if I am watching a live magician.  I am looking for how these are done, but since they are CGI, I never see any hints, but my mind does not make the connection and I more impressed with the illusions.  The twists at the end completely throws me for a loop, I was thinking of a complete different ending!  Go see it.... I hope that this leads to more and larger roles for Dave Franco.

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