Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Trek; Into Darkness Movie Review

I have to admit, I am getting behind on my movie watching, but I make you this promise; I will not write a review for a movie that I have not personally watched.  That would be a lie.  That being said, here is what I saw last:

Star Trek; Into Darkness  3D

Great movie, it had me guessing the whole time.  Just when you thought the movie was over, there will be a twist.  Spock even gets to show off some of his action moves that were a little lacking in the first movie.  In my opinion, this installment is better than the first.  I saw the first one at a drive in theater in 2D... Seeing this one is 3D in a theater was awesome.  Seeing the phasers, shrapnel, and warp speed beams go by was just too cool for school.  The only thing that gets me is that I don't know all of the terminology since I am not a true Trekkie, so when they talk about rectors and proton torpedoes, I am a little lost.  But other than that, I was able to keep up! [SPOILER]  The budding friendship between Spock and Kirk starts to really develop and at the end I even started to get a ball in my stomach when Kirk dies!

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