Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Reviews: Lincoln & Paperboy

I had a few days off, and after I cleaned the house, went to some events, shopping, treasure hunting, and alligator wresting, I decided to watch a few movies.

I thought I knew a lot about Lincoln, but this movie blew me away.  I have visited Ford's theater and the attached museum.  I've red books about Lincoln and he has been a background story of many other movies that I have seen.  (Not to mention "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer"
But this movie puts the focus on Lincoln and many of the verbal battles (and all of the politics) that it took to pass the 13th amendment abolishing slavery.   This is an "Epic" movie, meaning, that your 10 year old child will HATE this movie, but if know anyone history buffs, this is a must have.  It really is touching to see the internal struggles that Lincoln has about the death of his son.  How Mary Todd was extremely involved in the politics of the time (almost more than Lincoln).  My favorite 2 characters (other than Lincoln) are Mary Todd, she has a great break down in the middle about Bob going into the way; and the character played by Tommy Lee Jones, about how he must give up on his 30 year endeavor to "tone down" his dream of complete equality of the races to persuade democrats to ratify the 13th amendment.  Great Story, Great Movie!

The Paperboy

Wow!  What a movie… I am a HUGE fan of this movie… it is a little dark and twisted, but good none-the-less.  Staring Matthew McCanaoughey, Zac Efron, John Cuscack, and Nicole Kidman.  Nicole proves that she is still a heart-throb, Zan dances in the rain in his tightie-whiteys, Matthew is the closeted gay older brother who is a famous writer.  He comes back to his home town to help make sure that Justice was not passed up on a suspected killer (John Cusack) that is in the local jail.  Nicole Kidman plays the pen pal that is in love with John Cusack.  Zac Efron is in love with Nicole Kidman.   Best part of the movie????  Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron!

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