Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Need to Catch You Up...

In the last couple of weeks I went on a movie watching binge (as usual) and here is what I saw...

Into the Woods (this ties in to next weeks post!)

Just as Maleficent was a different perspective on Sleeping Beauty, this is a different perspective on what happens when characters from our favorite fairy tales interact while in the woods!  Great talent in this movie, even better VOICES.  Anna Kendrick knocks your socks off with her singing abilities but she is overshadowed by 3 others that you wouldn't expect: Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and the Amazing Meryl Streep.   This is a must watch for anyone that is interested in the entertainment world.  WARNING!!! if you didn't know already, this is a musical.  Cameo by Johnny Depp is also a good reason to go see it!

The Equalizer

Denzel is still on top of his game with these type of movies.  He plays a normal guy working at hardware store until someone hurts one of his acquaintances.  Turns out his is a trained ex military hit man that knows some pretty awesome moves.  He single handily takes down a WHOLE drug cartel. 


The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies

I am a fan of all of the LOTR and hobbit movies.  This one does not disappoint except in one area but we will talk about that in a second.  Bilbo again is the key to the entire movie as he is the middle man between the elves and the dwarfs.  He snaps the dwarf king out of a gold fever, rallies everyone to fight together to stave off evil, and of course.... he HAS THE RING!  My favorite part is where Cate Blantchett's character shows how much of a bad ass she really is and banishes the Bad Guy in the middle of the movie all by herself.  My next act is to watch all of these movies back to back to back.  P.S. there is a chance we can still get more LOTR movies, The Samaulian is a precursor to The Hobbit and the Director might take a crack at it.


The Interview

Yes.... THAT movie, you know... the one that North Korea waged war against..... Stupid Country, now we can just watch it on xBox for $4.99 instead of heading to the movie theater.  You MADE IT EASIER FOR US!  James Franco and Seth Rogan were pretty funny in this movie but not their best work.  Truly some funny parts in it that make you snort out loud but also some boring parts.  My favorite part is everything to do with Katy Perry's Fireworks, and once you watch it, you will know what I mean!

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