Thursday, May 8, 2014

Neighbors: The Review


So, I had a little free time AND the opportunity to go see Neighbors a few hours before it was officially released.  I decided to go.  Showed up about 20 minutes early, ordered and gigantic Mountain Dew for like $100 or how ever much they cost now.  (I think I am Regal Cinema's best customer!) Went into the movie theater, took my seat, 3rd row so I can be completely be immersed into the production.  Watched some hilarious previews that I will have to go see when they are in theaters (hopefully some will invite me to red carpets HINT HINT!)

The Movie starts out with Seth Rogan and Rose Byrn being your typical new parents, they just don't want to give up the "party life" when Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and the whole fraternity move next door and hilarity ensues.  They go after each other with disastrous outcomes but the whole time you are laughing.  A lot of the pranks that you see are straight out of YouTube so it connects with today's audience. 

One thing that I would change, SPOILER!!!!!  at the end when Zac Efron's character is arrested, I wish Seth Rogan and Rose Byrn would have been seen bailing him out of jail.  That way it could possibly lead to a tighter friendship, could have seen them using the walkie talkies at the end.  Maybe setting the precedent for a sequel.

This movie is THAT Funny.  Rated R so make sure the youngin's stay home!

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