Monday, December 9, 2013

Jamee Natella from BluEyed Pictures inc.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jamee Natella, founder and executive producer of Blueyed Pictures via email.

From this picture, I can see where Jamee got the name for her company!

TeeJay: What happened to make you start your company?
Jamee: I was living and working in Tokyo for Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) – a highly unusual gig for a foreigner. I soon realized that there was a need for someone to provide production services to visiting producers. So I decided to launch my own venture, Blueyed Pictures Inc. My first job was producing a commercial for Virgin Cinemas.
What has been you favorite project? Hardest?
I have produced a great deal of work the past 15 years.
I like the commercials that bring us to different locations. They are most memorable to me because you travel, live with your crew and discover new situations. Pepsi for BBDO in the Caribbean, Land Rover for Y&R in Japan & Sony In China are amongst a few.

I also really dig commercials that I get to work with accomplished individuals i.e Visa- athletes in the Olympics

The most challenging I believe become your favorite commercials. It makes you strive to be a better producer and gets you out of your comfort zone.
The Lexus Superbowl Spot was challenging (2011) - creating a massive sci-fi environment in the Long Beach Convention Center--- AND our other Producer, Jon Goldberg would agree, Scion Declaration (2008)- a 3 day desert shoot featuring over 150 picture vehicles, 25 precision drivers, helicopter shots, and an 80+ foot crane shot.
What is coming up in the future?
We just wrapped a Bud Light spot for the Superbowl and for SC Johnson a product called, "All Out".
Currently running , is our campaign for Toyota Scion's 10-year anniversary, University of Arizona and BBDO's Fight Dengue.
Next year we will also go into production on Blueyed Pictures' first feature film.
There’s so much more to come in January 2014!

What is the process behind a commercial, because many people think it is a quick process, I know otherwise.
You have to be able to move quickly. A lot of preparation goes into it as well. Firstly, the ad agency does market research on the product, and comes up with a campaign. Then I have to win the job - and there’s always competition! The agency will pick a director - usually someone from our roster. Or there might already be a director attached, in that case we execute their vision. Of course, after the job has been awarded, we do a lot of prep work and get everything ready for the shoot, which can last anywhere from one to four days.
What do you want people to know about what you do?
This job requires dedication but also a huge amount of energy – it really is 24/7. You must have passion but also the ability to focus. You need to be up to date on the latest products and innovations - they may be future clients. But you also need to be informed about the latest directors and DPs, and have watched all of their reels. Social media plays an important role in this business, from a branding and marketing perspective. And always know your immediate competitors – this environment is constantly changing and you need to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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