Saturday, January 5, 2013

Movie Reviews AND a NEW Section!

Over the Christmas Holidays and New Year, I had the chance to consume a lot of movies, new and old!  Let's start with the new:

Rise of the Guardians:
I met my little brothers at the movies on Christmas Eve to watch this movie while my parents met "Santa" an the house to get ready for them.  They both loved this video and so did I.  The mythical creatures, The Sandman, Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and New comber Jack Frost unite to protect the children of Earth from the Boogey Man.  It has some touching moments, so bring a tissue.  All Star Cast to boot! Animated.

Wind Chill:
This horror/suspense starts Emily Blunt has a college student that snags a ride from a classmate on her way home from Christmas break.  Things start to go wrong when they are stuck in the snow on a haunted highway.  Actually an alright movie... Emily Blunt's acting skills save this movie from purgatory.  Definitely something you stay home to the dark...

Whatever It Takes:
OMG. not another highschool movie where the Jock & Nerd switch places to get the girls.  Oh wait.... it is!  Skip this one... not worth the time unless you just want to see James Franco tied to a bed wearing a thong.

Finally!  My New Section.... Coworkers and friends think that me... Mr. Entertainment.... Mr. TeeJay Today need to watch more classic movies and talk about them so that they aren't forgotten.  They seem it is my "Duty" to share these gems with the public.  Well, maybe they are right, maybe I need a little more culture.  First movie up for talks is:

Breakfast at Tiffany's
This is the classic of all classics.  This one was recommended to me by multiple persons.  I can honestly say that I knew nothing of this movie and had no expectations.  I could not get into this movie.  To me, the characters did not talk loud enough (I had my volume up and I dont need a hearing aide).  Also, the story line was not my favorite; two prostitutes ending up falling in love.  Audrey Hepburn's character is into her profession just for the money, even though she leads you to beieve it is for her brother. And dont get me started on the cat.  Do I think that you need to see this movie? Yes, Do I think you will enjoy it? No.  Its too boring.  I kept finding myself looking around the room for something to do. 

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