Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you watched my last video then you know that I am still on a business trip, so on my days off I have lots of time for movies!

(Spoiler alert)

Spider Man 3D
This movie was AMAZING!  I watched it first, then called for my parents to take my little brothers to go see it the next day.  BTW... Mary Jane is not in the movie!  Emma Stone is the new love interest and I am now in love with her!  Special effects are great.  Andrew plays a better angst teen than Toby in my opinion.  There were only 2 things that kind of bothered me: first as a biology guy there were a few things that didn't make sense, second, Why does Peter Parker tell nearly every main character in this movie that he IS Spider Man?

A Great Sci-fi flick from Mr. Scott.  The opening scene with the "Engineer" with the amazing world behind him as he becomes the DNA of the new planet is AWESOME!  BTW, the amazing world is none other than Earth!  One thing that puzzles me is why the humanoid robot kills the male scientist?  I don't think it was needed.  I am also excited by the ending, it looks like it could be a prequel to the prequel of an "Aliens" reboot!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Don't waste your money on a movie ticket for this one, wait til it comes out on disc to rent.  How in the world can you relate one of the most iconic presidents to being a vampire slayer.  To try and convince the audience that the Civil War was about Vampires wanting to rule the U.S. is almost comical.  Oh yeah, the confederate army was made up of Vampires at the battle of Gettysburg.  Vampires can now go out in daylight, and vampires are not allowed to kill other vampires.  Look out Blade....  You cant do that anymore!

The Help
I told you I was in love with Emma Stone now.  I watched this movie thinking that it was just going to be another chick flick.  But it really does touch you, you feel the emotions of the ladies in this movie.  Don't get me wrong, there are some very funny parts too, especially when this very snooty white women eats a pie with human feces in it!  Or when Sissy Spacek says the line about the 2 things she remembers.  Emma Stone's character is dumped by her boyfriend in this movie, I just wish I was there to pick her up and be her shoulder to cry on (the rebound guy)  If you have ever had a nanny or long time babysitter when you were young, this movie will hit home.

Movie Etiquette:
If you are going to the movies, I think there are a few unofficial rules that you need to follow when there.
+When I go to the movies, I expect to be totally immersed into the story, I dont want to hear your conversation, so please, be quiet.
+Turn off your cell phone, this last time that I was there, the screen had a PSA asking people to turn off their phones, some punk-ass kids started holding their phones for everyone to see that they were still on and bright as possible.
+Don't take your infant child to a sci-fi movie, you know that a loud bang or etc... will probably make your child cry in the theater!
+Please be on time for the movie, I dont want to be 5 minutes into the movie then all of a sudden you and your entourage walk in and start pointing at empty seats and talking about which ones you want.  If you are late for a movie, wait for the next screening!
+When I go to the movie, I like to set dead center on the 5th row.  That way I can see nothing but screen and get a surround sound effect from the speakers.  During prometheus, I went to an early screening of the movie and there were about 10 people in this entire theater, so why would a guy come in and set directly to my right?  He didnt even leave an empty seat in between us.  About 3 minutes later another guy comes in and sits directly to the left of me without an empty seat as a buffer. WTF people!  I was so uncomfortable, I could barely enjoy the movie.

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