Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers in 3D

I was shocked to see the line at the theaters to go see The Avengers.  My little brother and I were going to see the 815 showing, but it and 5 other show times were completely sold out.  We were lucky enough to get the last tickets for the 905 showing.  We were extremely lucky to get the ones in 3D, since that is how I like to see my action movies! 

The movie was AMAZING!  The special effects were outstanding, especially in 3D!  The story line made sense, the acting was good too!  The Hulk and Iron Man steal the entire show with their humor.  Captain America is given his props and kind of becomes the leader of the group, which is great to see the Original Avenger taking some superiority and for standing toe to toe with Thor!  (Marvel has jumped through a lot of hoops to tie all of the movies together, like all of the Easter eggs in Iron Man, Captain America, etc...)

If you get a chance to go see this movie, make sure you see it in 3D to get the full effect of the scenery and backgrounds.  Oh yeah, the fight scenes are worth the ticket price alone!  Plus, come on, Samuel L Jackson is in it!

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