Friday, February 7, 2014

Movies, Movies, Movies

Last week I went to the video store on a whim and of course, I grabbed more movies then I could watch in a day, but here they are:

Ehhhh... it was alright, I wanted him to be in another situation like the last installment.  I am a huge Riddick fan, I even have the cartoon version that was released after the first movie.  In this latest attempt, Riddick decides that he has basically been "Sissified" and needs to get back to his wild roots.  So he decides to live on this planet with all of these new wild creatures, even domesticating a dog-like creature.  Some bounty hunters land, try to kill Riddick, Riddick kicks but, yadda yadda yadda. 

Last Vegas
Great movie even though you can probably tell exactly what happens from just watching the previews... Old man wants to get married to a hot younger lady, decides to have a Bachelor party in Vegas with his childhood friends.  Crazy and Wild things happen making them feel young again, etc etc. etc.

Captain Phillips
I remember watching this play out in real life on TV a few years ago.  Seeing what happened from the POV of the captain is Awesome.  Tom Hanks is an amazing actor, but he might just be too likable in this rendition.  From reading about the actual incident, the captain was harsher in real life and many of the crew are suing because he was not portrayed correctly.  My favorite takeaway from this movie is how the US sent out MANY boats to save one American from Pirates.  We protect our own while sending statements to others...  Actions speak louder than words.

Don Jon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the brain child of this movie.  I think it is an indie movie on steroids.  Personally I didn't like the movie BUT I cant get it out of my head.  It is about a man that is more addicted to Internet porn than actual relationships.  It is interesting to see how he deals with it in modern society and how it can damage real life relationships.

The Butler
I loved this movie.... It has so many cameos it is RIDICULOUS!  John Cusack, Robin Williams, James Marsden, Oprah, etc... the list goes on.  The acting is superb and you really fall in love with the main character, Cecil, played by Forrest Whitaker.  This is a movie that helps open up dialogue within a society and how civil rights are still an issue that needs to be addressed today.  I personally don't agree with some of the history points in the movie but this is seen from one character's view point. 

The Croods
This is a great animated family movie.  It is both funny and heart-warming.  It also have A+ voice talent such as Emma Stone, Nick Cage, Ryan Reynolds, etc...  My favorite part of the whole movie was the fantastic creatures created by the writers/animators.  The creatures are just so lifelike and have attributes of todays animals that little kids wil recognize then throw them for a loop!  I have to buy this one for my own collection.

On Netflix.

I have finished the first 2 seasons of American Horror Story and I must say... I am completely hooked!  I personally liked the first season better than the 2nd, but I am hearing great reviews from season 3, but dont ruin it for me!  Until season 3 is on Netflix I have just started watching Bates Hotel.  Is this a good series to watch, let me know on twitter!

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