Saturday, February 9, 2013

Movie Reviews

Watched 3 more movies while waiting to get the okay for an upcoming interview!!!! 

Men in Black 3
I like how it referenced the other movies... you don't get that often in a sequel.  Is it a great but it is a GOOD movie.  It's worth buying if you see it on the clearance rack or on sale.  I just wished I could have seen more of Tommy Lee Jones, to me, he is the main character.  Josh Brolin and Will Smith play 2nd fiddle to Tommy!  LOL!

Pitch Perfect
It starts off slow (first 2o minutes or so) but then it is just hilarious!  I was watching this by myself and laughing out loud at some of it.  I am definitely going to buy this movie and watch it every so often to pick up my mood!  It also helps that the leading lady is not hard on the eyes if you know what I mean.  The songs in this movie also had me singing along because they were RELEVANT to today! 

Cold Light of Day
Bruce Willis... what happened?  This is not his best movie, but I watched it because it has my new favorite actor of the moment in it.  Henry Cavill (Superman later this year)  Save your money unless you just want to see Henry with his shirt off.  Bonus points for having Sigourney Weaver in it!

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