Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Review

I recently given the chance to watch a new movie before it hits theaters. (Which is really cool)

The movie was "Playback" and stars Christian Slater and the blong guy from "The Covenent".

I enjoyed this horror movie but was left wanting more. Sometimes the make-up was horrible, the story needed some help, but the actors were okay. There is one scene that make me uneasy, supposedly this takes place to high school students and there are a few nude female scenes, I felt like I should turn my head, but the actors are over 18.

This movie makes you think about your soul and social media. It states that if you have a video of yourself, it steals your soul and leave room for someone or something else to move in, well..... I am a freelance photographer, had a TV show that ran 3 times a week in 2 markets for an hour each time, AND I have close to 70 videos on Youtube. Looks like I am screwed!

The move "Playback" comes out in March. If you are needed a movie for that first date to scare the girl into your arms, go to it, but she wont let you take any pictures of her for a few days afterwards!

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