Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Movie Review

I finally got time to go see a movie in between my two jobs.... I saw the new Conan. I really enjoyed the movie....the story lines worked (except for one) and the graphics and special effects were great! This is definately a movie that I will probably buy when it comes out on DVD.

Drawback.....DO NOT take younger kids to see this....I know it is rated 'R' and no kids should see it anyway but there is a lot of nudity and graphic bloody scenes...

The only thing that disappointed me was that my movie theatre stopped showing it in 3D and I had to watch it in 2D..... as you know I am a 3D nut, but that is not the movies fault!

If you get a chance....go see it.....that being said, I still enjoy the first Conan with Arnold, the new just develops the story lines a little better!

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